my weekend, its not over yet!


My weekend was not all that exciting but it was perfect!!

Saturday morning started with a big cup of coffee and lounging with Q while we both woke up. She is finally at that age where she enjoys lounging and slowly coming to life on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Then I went to my Weight Watchers meeting.  I lost 3.6 pounds for my first week on plan.  I am making a 5-pound-at-a-time goal for this go-around with WW BUT I have a bigger goal of learning how to eat to live, feel, and BE happy.

Truth: I know it has only been a week, but I moved more and ate more fruits and vegetables this week than I have in a while AND that has me feeling so GOOD!!!

After my meeting, I attempted to have a yoga meetup with my girlfriend, Kerry.  Our plans were fumbled but we bounced back and wound up at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and girl talk! We totally needed it – we haven’t seen each other since before my surgery and it has been even longer since we last hung out! Aaah, there is something to be said of the restorative powers of coffee and chatting to make a girl feel allllllright!!

The kid decided to go hang out with my mom for the night, so we had a kid-free evening. We watched The Hangover 2! And I rounded out the evening by chasing my stupid cat all over the yard because he escaped around midnight when I let Lucy out.

Sunday has been a mellow, relaxing and productive day. I did some food prep for the week, did many loads of laundry, and ordered a new phone. I still have grocery shopping, more food prep, and lesson plans to write before I can call it quits on my day. I have made spinach cakes and omelet muffins. I roasted, peeled and cut up beets for salads and side veggies. I baked sweet potatoes to make sweet-potato skins but the skins fell apart so I am working on turning it around (maybe just the inside part of recipe).  I still l have black-bean burgers to make.

I have made a tentative meal plan:

Monday: Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore over pasta with salad

Tuesday: Venison Steaks and pasta salad

Wednesday: Crockpot Honey Chicken over rice with a green veg on the side

Thursday: Chicken Bruschetta Bake & salad

Friday: Beef Quesadillas and (WW)Mexican-Inspired Vegetable soup


Truth: I am hoping to get some Tilapia or Shrimp at the grocery store to switch out Thursday night’s dinner. For no other reason then I am wanting seafood.


About jennifer lynn

Mom. Wife. Teacher. Bartender. Jen. I'm trying to balance life with living. I'm trying to find my Zen (balance and happiness) in a world of chaos. I'm a busy mama but I need to find my Zen.

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