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Yep, it is my birthday!

And even though I have to work…dang school, it IS a holiday!!

I am going to enjoy my day!

Me and the husband will make and enjoy a  lovely dinner together. (Flank Steak stuffed with a spinach concoction,  a side of pasta with a butternut squash sauce and a caesar-like salad)

M lovely daughter will make me some sort of cake this weekend! Last year she made homemade dark chocolate cupcakes with a cookies & cream icing that was AMAZING! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with this year!!


I am GUEST POSTING over at Deb’s place! Check it out, I ramble on about lessons I learned while recovering from knee and ankle surgery!


[photo source]


About jennifer lynn

a 30-something woman learning to listen and love her whole self while she mends from a bum knee and ankle. Recovery is not easy and I needed a space to document this chapter in my journey!

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  1. Happy Burpday!

    You’re not getting older, you’re getting… wait… dammit… according to my records, you ARE getting older! You may want to get a second opinion about that though…

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