weighing in, #WW week 5


The scale: 

Last week: 228.4

Change: +0.2

Total Loss: -3.4

The Reaction: Not Surprised. I did not track this past week. I started out my WW week by eating way too many cake-pops and even though I reigned it all in by Tuesday, I did a bangup job those first few days of the week. Even though, I reigned it in, I did not track.

The Lesson: Today’s meeting focused on exercise and excuses. Stephanie* asked us, “Do you Excusercise?!” OMG, do I ever!! I easily make excuses and put everything and everyone ahead of ME getting MY workout in. All the ladies (and the handful of men in the room) concluded we all put everything and everyone ahead of our needs. I don’t quite buy into that…not for me. My schedule is pretty much the same every day. I can be at home most days by 3pm, my daughter is almost a teenager and helps around the house, and my husband and I take turns cooking. I simply make too many excuses!!

Do you make excuses?

Goals for week ahead:

1. Plan ahead & be prepared for each day!


3. workout Monday, Wednesday, Friday at the gym. [#NROLFW with my #ironsisters]

4. Walk outside 3 days this week.

5. Daily stretches (PT ordered) and yoga dvd once


I never set weekly goal. I usually suck at them! I am hoping this time I use my goals to my benefit!! If I set goals, my accountability partners [my #ironsisters and MB co-challengers (I joined Monica’s Challenge not to win a weight loss challenge but for the support)] need to know about them. If I don’t tell people what my goals are how will they know what support I need?!?


I have goals. Now, I have a menu and workouts to plan. But that is for another post!


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  1. In the big scheme of things that’s not really a gain. You’ve got a great plan and I will help you meet your goals for the week! So glad we are in this together! Time to track and exercise, not to mention eat the right foods; no stress eating for us this week!

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