Making Plans Monday


On the Menu:

Monday: Veggie Omelets, Side of Bacon, Homefries

Tuesday: Mongolian Beef, green beans and rice

Wednesday: Man Pleasing Chicken, Potato & Greens casserole (I am making this recipe minus the pie crust)

Thursday: Beef Stew with Big Old Salad

Friday: Tilapia with Winter Veggie Stew


In the Gym:

Monday: NROLFW, S1 WO B

Tuesday: elliptical, bike, stretch

Wednesday: NROLFW, S1 WO A

Thursday: BONUS or Rest

Friday: NROLFW, S1 WO B

Saturday: yoga dvd

Sunday: active rest (if weather is cooperative we want to take Lucy walking in the wood)


Misc. Tasks To-DO this week:

  • Drink 64oz water every day
  • Eat 5 fruits/veggies every day
  • Stretch my calf daily*
  • balance on “bad” leg every day*
  • TRACK food and fitness every day
  • walk 3 times outside (with husband and dog)
  • one yoga dvd workout
  • make eye appointments for me & husband

*Doug, my PT, says I need to do these every day!

I think that is enough planning, don’t you?!?




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