only wednesday?!?!


I am having a much better week! 

Last week started with good intentions but I let…well, I let myself get in my own way! 

This week, I planned a lot better. I made my #NROLFW Lifting days on days I knew  I could get to the gym immediately after school. No excuses that way! I planned two days with my homegirl, Kerry. One of those days is right after school (perfect) and one is later at night. I figure, if something comes up for Kerry Tuesday I will go right to the gym after school and Thursday can be an extra day at the gym or a rest day. Stuff happens but I need to plan for what I can plan for. Basically, I need to plan around my natural excuses. 

I have learned, right after school is the best time for me! Once I get home, I don’t want to go back out. I want to hang with my family. I want to enjoy a leisurely cuppa. I don’t want to leave the dang house. I think I could be a hermit. 

So Today is Wednesday and so far, I have hit my daily goals of gym, water, fruits and veggies and even tracking!! I feel accomplished. I feel like a success. 

I really did set myself up for success this week.  

And cheesy as it may be, I am patting myself on the back for the baby steps I have taken this week. 

I am feeling so accomplished that I cannot believe it is only freakinng Wednesday. 

I will stay positive even though I am really tired. It is state testing week at school but I will stay positive. 

gawd, I am annoying. 

positively perky even when my eyes don’t wanna stay open.



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