weighing in, #WW week 11


The scale: 

This week: 225.2

Last week: 226.4

Change:  -1.2

Total Loss: -6.8

The Reaction and the Reflection: 



oh, how I hate both words.

I hate them because they WORK!!

I am certainly not perfect but I am working on being better!!

The Lesson: COMMIT TO FIT! 

We talked about having a back up plan and we all have them….if our car tire has a flat, we still manage to get to work. Just an example, but it is true. We will do everything to get to work. We do everything to make sure our kids and significant other need things. We do what needs to be done to run the house.

and on and on…

But when it comes to taking care of ourselves, making working out (or plainly being active), we tend to not find the time. We don’t make back-up plans for this.

Why don’t we make back-up plans?

Why don’t we make our workouts or activity or eating for that matter a priority?!?

I have been working on making working out a consistent thing. I have been plowing through Stage 1 of NROLFW – but I can be better, I can be more consistent.  I enjoy the gym. I really have come to love my workouts. Lifting heavy weights is fun.

Now, I need to remember that…all of that!

I am going to COMMIT TO my FIT.

This week I am going to commit to:

1. weekday morning walks with Lucy (even 15 minutes will be good for her, and me!)

2. Monday, Wednesday – special workouts to complete stage 1

3. Thursday – meet with trainer at gym, she is going to walk me thru all of the exercises in stage 2

4. 300 minutes of exercise – thanks Dacia for the challenge !!


How will you commit to be fit this week?!?


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  1. Great job! Consistency, commitment, and focus….all so important. I’m doing the Whole 30 challenge right now and feel renewed. Had no idea how bad sugar and dairy would dragging me down.

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