plans, week of 5.6.12

At the Table:
  • Sunday: Lasagna & Salad
  • Monday: Veal Paprika with cous cous topped grilled, garlicky squash
  • Tuesday: Ham & Cheese Chicken Rollups, squash fritters, and something…not exactly sure yet.
  • Wednesday: Dinner out (probably a local seafood restaraunt) to celebrate my 5th anniversary!
  • Thursday: Meatloaf & mashed potatoes (made with laughing cow french onion cheese) and green veg.
  • Friday: Baked Parm & Herb Chicken, salad, and green veg
  • lunches & breakfasts: crustless quiche (my own concoction, sweet potato soup, salads, homemade coleslaw & smoked chicken (my mom just dropped one off)

At the Gym:

  • Monday: NROLFW, S2, WO B#2 + elliptical
  • Tuesday: zumba or elliptical
  • Wednesday: NROLFW, S2, WO A#3 + elliptical
  • Thursday: yoga or elliptical or both
  • Friday: NROLFW, S2, WO B#3
  • Saturday: elliptical
Last week, I only did NROLFW twice instead of 3 times. I didn’t make it to any classes but I did elliptical twice. I call this a WIN! If I hit the gym 4 days this week, I can call it consistency!!

May Goals Update:

  • 4 solid workouts every week:  1/4 weeks – nailed it! 
  • morning stretches: 2/6
  • nightly ankle stretching and icing: 5/6
  • tracking everything, every day: 6/6
  • night-before packing/planning/to-do lists: 5/6

penny for your thoughts...

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