food in the mail


I am a few days late posting this thanks to the wonderful windstorms that hit south jersey Friday night into Saturday. I was actually 3.5 hours from home with no cell reception but as soon as I was in an area with cell service, my phone started blowing up with news from home. Husband and I quickly made the decision to cut our trip short when reports from home said “town looks like a warzone.” Yes, friends were being slightly dramatic but at the same time not.

But this post isn’t about the storm and all that crud. I will blog that later…complete with pictures and news links.

This post is about food and the mail. Or I should say, food in the mail! I recently learned of a cool concept called Foodie Pen Pals. Click the link for full details but basically, I send a box of food goodies to one blogger (or non blogger but blog reader) and another blogger (or blog reader) send you a box of food goodies. It’s pretty freaking cool, right?!?

There are a ton of foods in the world, I for one have not had the chance to sample it all.  Some foods are specific to region or heritage or dietary needs….there are just so many foods out there, some I have never heard of, some I would never buy for fear of hating it or fear of unknown, some I have heard of but never seen to buy, some…oh I could come up with a bunch of these “somes”.

As I explore food I become more adventurous but there is so much out there. The FPP is a chance to try something I may not otherwise.

I received my first FPP from Ashley – seriously go check out her blog “Ashley Kemmer: Fitness freak eating clean and training mean” – ya gotta love the tagline!! True confession: I was a little nervous about what she was going to send me. I was thinking it might be serious fitnessy-food is fuel-food (read: cardboard).

Not sure what I was worried about, the girl gets huge points for sending peanut butter, chocolate and apple pie! 😉

I loves this box of foodie goodies. I have never tried any of the products Ashely sent me. Let me tell you, that bag of M&Ms snack mix came in handy on my recent road trip. My husband and I like having snacky stuff on the road and I can’t explain it but I always get the munchies on long road trips. It’s like Ashley knew I was going to need road supplies because we tested out most of that stuff on the road.

Oh yeah, and Ashley even sent me a recipe for Chicken Nuggets. When I make them, I will tell you all about it and include that recipe.

Foodie Pen Pals is so much fun! I know I had fun sending AND receiving a box full of food!!


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