storms & vacations don’t mix


I didn’t blog at all last week. Instead, I busted my ass getting finishing up end-of-year paperwork and finalizing some details for my summer program. I had to work extra hard to get everything done by Wednesday because Thursday Big Man and I were leaving town. We had no fancy plans but we needed a few days of escape.

We had been planning this trip since mid-May when year’s end school work (finals, grades, grant writing, summer program creating) had me STRESSED. It was the perfect weekend, right before I was set to start Summer Program. Thursday morning I dropped off all my final paperwork where it belonged and we hit the road.

Me, my Big Man, and Lucy (the dog).

We left the kid with her grandmothers. We are so lucky both of our mothers are very involved and Q loves spending time with both of them.

Friday we had a fantastic day of relaxing in the mountain air. I lazed in the shade and breeze and read my books and watched some netflix. *sidenote – I LOVE my nook!! The husband and friend shot guns and did man-stuff…ha! I just wanted to enjoy my laziness that day, I wasn’t really in the mood to put on real shoes to go out shootin’ with the boys. Lucy loved all the freedom to run to her heart’s content. She had never really been off-leash other than in my tiny fenced-in yard. I threw the ball to her, daddy threw her the ball, to say Lucy was in her glory may be putting it mildly.

Saturday we got up and made our way down the mountain to a really cool “restaurant” for breakfast. After breakfast, we were heading for some antique stores when our cell phones finally got a signal and both of our cells started beeping and pinging. A friend told us our town “looked like a war zone” and they thought tornadoes had come through with the crazy storms the night before. Our whole town and most of the surrounding towns were without power. All news we got was telling us the authorities were expecting power outages for 3-7 days.

Our relaxing vacation was instantly over.

We made call after call trying to get reliable information. We also really wanted to know what was going on at our house. My MIL was able to go and check our house, open the windows and check on the cats. She even went back and emptied one of our freezers. All the while, we made arrangements to come home. We were about 3.5 hours away from home and Saturday traffic down the shore can be brutal. We monitored the traffic and weather info and packed and prepared for our trip home.

Sometimes, being a responsible grown up SUCKS.

We had to cut our trip short. All of our friends and family had been hit hard by this storm. No one had power and we couldn’t ask everyone to add our house to their burdens. We drove home. Knowing our house was ok but still not sure what we were going to find.

We truly lucked out. We had some of the neighbor’s trees in our yard and on our garage but that was damage we could handle. The house and my car were still standing where we left them. The basement was a bit waterlogged but my cats and house were ok!

My town and the neighboring towns had so much damage. Thousands of trees were uprooted and broken. Cars were crushed and power was out everywhere. We lucked out.

I have a few pictures but honestly, I was in such awe of the damage when we drove around I wasn’t fast enough with the camera. Check out this link for a run down of the storms and some pictures from my town and nearby towns. And here is a link to my local newspaper with storm info – the main pic was taken about a mile and a half from my house.

Picture from local paper, about 1.5miles from my house.


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  1. That is crazy! We lost power for a few days, but other than having to throw out our food and needing a tree guy to come take care of some downed limbs, we escaped unscathed.

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