what’s best for me


I don’t always do what is best for me. Really, truly. I watch too much tv. In fact, I spend way too much time on my butt. I don’t want to have to workout and that leads me to not stay consistent in my work outs. I am still getting my head back in “the game” but coming out of the last round of funkyfunkhead has been harder than I expected.

I was going strong at the gym but I wasn’t really eating the way I should have been eating. I was using lifting as an excuse to eat a bit too much. Then my calf started causing me problems and I haven’t been able to completely get that under control. I needed to step back from the lifting and ellipticalling I was doing. Somehow, in my head, that translated into me doing nothing. I mean nothing. No working out, no taking care of my calf, no nothing.

At the same time, I think I have gotten my eating under control. I joined WW a while back but I hadn’t been seeing any results. When June 1st rolled around, I joined a weightloss challenge with Shrinking Jeans, and I decided to pay attention to my eating. I also decided to eliminate most of the wheat from my diet. Eliminating wheat must have been a good thing because I have lost 7 pounds since and I have really, really been conscious of what I eat. I think that has been the best part about wheat elimination, I pay so much more attention and choose much better foods.

So now, I have the eating under control. Not perfect but making progress. But, the other side of the coin…the moving, the exercise side….is not under control. I don’t want to go to the gym. I don’t know why but I have no desire to go to the gym. However, that shouldn’t be a reason not to do any sort of physical activity.

I don’t want to be badass….I thought I did, but I don’t. I don’t want to compete against anyone else. I know, I know it isn’t supposed to be a competition but somehow, I try to keep up with the joneses so to speak. I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing just because, I want to find my perfect imperfect fitness. I simply want my body to be able to move for a long time coming.

I would like a flatterish belly and maybe thighs that don’t rub together so much, but I really just want the body I have to last me for a good long, long time.

Now that I have some sort of control with the food side of this journey, it is time to get my body moving and grooving. I am not going to put ridiculous expectations on myself…this, right here is growth!! I simply need to move MORE.

I may not always do what is best for me, but I am working on it. And I have a plan…well, I am stealing my plan from Red because she has a really solid plan for getting back to it while still taking care of ourselves. Red had a terrible accident about the same week as my surgery and we both seem to be struggling with moving on but gently and loving.

1. Keep going to WW and getting on the scale. It gives me more accountability and less stress to keep WW for scale/weigh-ins.

Step 2. Track, journal, write it all down. I have been less than 100% with tracking and I need to be much better about this – to figure out what works best, I need to actually see what I have been consuming.

Step 3. Move MORE. Not too hard to do since I haven’t really been moving a whole lot. I deleted my old dailymile account – I felt too much pressure to keep with friends and where I was before injury and surgery. I am thinking about starting new dailymile so I can track my walking. I need to walk more that is for sure and I do like the maps.

Step 4. Blog more. I have not been incredibly consistent with my blogging and I really would like to be. Blogging does help my sanity. It also keeps me from hiding when things get too tough.

Step 5. Relax. Ok, I kinda got this one down pat! 😉 But I need to relax not mold my ass into the couch. So for me, this one is about getting some shit done but not going one extreme or other as is my usual habit. I will use this step to gently get back in the routine or working, doing house stuff, doing me stuff, and just relaxing without technology (my laptop has become a permanent fixture lately and I want to change this).


I don’t always do what is right for me. I don’t always do what is best for me.

But I am working on changing this fact of my life.

One baby step at a time.




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  1. Jen, I’m glad my blog this week helped you find your own game plan. We can find the focus that works for us while we’re healing oh hell yes we can! Lots of love and hell yeah’s. We will meet again on our blogs this week to check in.

  2. I could just copy and paste most of this post and put it on my blog but I won’t! You have gotten control of the food and you will get moving again one step at a time, one day at a time! It’s all about the progression!

  3. It’s always hard to get back on track after a life changing event. It’s what I’m going through as well. It’s not ideal but succes will come to us because we refuse to give up 🙂

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