I haz a stupid fone


I was once again considering going ack to a smart phone. After last week’s storms and power outage and sitting in traffic, I thought a smart phone was….well, smart. And then I went to verizonwireless.com and saw their new plan. It turns out I would need to spend almost $50 more each month for their new and improved plan.

I debated back and forth. I kept looking at this pretty phone. Did I mention this phone was purple?!? I wanted this phone, I wanted to play with the apps….but I didn’t want to spend more $$ on a phone.

I just want to be able to play when I am not near wifi. Like when I am in traffic and husband is driving, like when we travel…ummm….like 2-3 times a year. I don’t go anywhere and when I do go out of the house, I don’t always have to be connected. And y’all know I love me some social media.

But I think….

I have been too connected to my computer and my peeps.

I know….

I have not been connected enough with myself.

I am slowly coming to the realization that I just want to slow down. I feel like I need more time for myself. My family. My life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media. Twitter is where it all started – I found friends, real friends. Blogging is a lifeline. I need this space to get out of my own head. When I am feeling good and doing good (not just on the losing weight front, but the mental health aspect too) I blog more often. Or maybe because I am blogging more, I am doing better. Maybe blogging really is my therapy. I love that people read my blog but I do blog for me.

I love my friends. Online and in real life. I am lucky to have so many fabulous people in my world.

I just need a bit of a break.  Not a total, cold turkey, no twitter or facebook diet….that is just nuts. But a less frequent or obsessive approach couldn’t be a bad thing.

So, no smart phone for me.

Instead, I will work on finishing what I start. AND I will continue taking care of and doing what’s best for me !!

So, if I am less than present online….still love me, ok?!?




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  1. love you any way? always!

    IF you decided to go the smartphone route, i would recommend looking into monthly pay-as-you-go phones. but i totally get the desire to step away and just have a phone that calls/texts.

  2. I know exactly how your feel. That was me a few months ago. I shut down my blog…its gone and moved all my posts that I have written for the last couple of years to a private blog that only I see. It’s been amazing. I kept my twitter account but I’ve been on facebook less. I think its too much stimuli from all the constant status updates. I needed a break.

    The having a blog itch is returning but I’m still over facebook. These things come and go 🙂
    Do whatever works for you!

  3. Oh Jen you are wise in your ways and you’re just figuring it out! I know I spend too much time staring at my smart phone. Especially now, because I can’t really type with my left hand (without it causing pain fast) but I can text with my thumbs alright most of the time. But its a bad habit that serves to mostly bring me farther away from the work I need to do. Be strong and skip the smart phone. You don’t need it. The life you need you already have to enjoy. ❤

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