let’s go streaking


nope, not this kind of streaking.

let’s not even talk about the fact I am not running anywhere…

naked boobies will not be bouncing down the road. not any time soon.

But I do want to streak!

I decided the other day I wanted to make a commitment to yoga. I tweeted it, I put it on my facebook status. I talked with my friend about it. I really want to commit to yoga. I think I need to make that mind body connection. I think I have been searching to get to this place. If I let it, I know yoga can help me truly embrace my blog title: listening, learning, loving, and mending. I am not saying I think yoga is going to instantly fix my calf or my mental state but I do believe, if I am open to it, anything is possible.

Yesterday, one of my #fitfuential peeps posted a 30 minute beginner yoga practice video. I watched it through last night and I was impressed because it seemed to truly be just what it claims to be…a beginner yoga video. I have tried several beginner yoga dvds but so far, this one made me feel so at ease. So ready to learn yoga.

Today, I actually did the video.

Summer schedule is in effect and today I squeezed in some time with Big Man since he was home and the kid was at the water park with her friend. We had a nice leisurely lunch before I headed back to work. With a husband home (and I have a tiny house) and a Lucy, I knew getting quiet time for yoga might not happen so I took my mat, blanket and stretch strap with me to school. After a few hours of paperwork, yoga was very much needed because somehow, sitting at my desk filling out forms is not good for the back and I wound up with a tweak in my shoulder area. I set up my area near the tv, and since there is no AC in my room and the heat index today was over 100*F I set up a fan to blow right on my mat.

I really liked the “workout.” I don’t want to call it a workout because even though I worked up a sweat and my muscles were feeling it, it didn’t feel like a workout. I closed all the blinds in my room, shut both door, and turned the lights out. I set the stage like a real yoga class as much as I could.

It was awesome.

After 5, my building was quiet. Hot but quiet. I almost forgot where I was. I found the video challenging yet instructional and perfectly beginner friendly. I will use this video frequently, I think, while I continue with my new commitment to yoga.

I received a reply to one of my posts about making a yoga commitment about a 30-day yoga challenge. A friend of a friend did yoga in some form every day for 30 days. Simple enough but I wasn’t sure about such a commitment. That is until today. After successfully yoga-ing today, I feel more resolved to make yoga part of my daily activity. I felt so good after today and I have to see where this takes me.


Today was day #1.

Tomorrow is day #2.

Let’s see how far I can take this streak.


So….my next question is….

do you wanna streak with me?!?


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  1. oohh bummer I want to streak too…but the neeekid kind! lol 🙂 I too am on a streak- the water kind! I plan on taking all 5 days of water classes that are offered at the gym I attend each week. We can do it! 🙂

  2. So proud of you! I love your yoga commitment. I think it be a wonderful fit for your success on the scale and your success with healing. And I know how important the mind body connection is…

    Really love that you got your yoga on at school and came prepared. Big props!

    Keep on streakin’! xo

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