Finding my Happy Fit


It is no big secret, I bave been struggling to find my way in the fitness world since my surgery. I joined gym and I started lifting weights. I also hit the elliptical pretty hard, up to an hour several times a week. It was too much too soon and my calf let me know. I rested by totally resting.

I have always been all or nothing.
But I am working on that.
I am really working on it!

I have the food stuff sorta figured out. Like everything else, I am a work in progress, but I feel like I am taking control of food and my eating rather than the other way around. I have even been losing a little bit of weight – slow and steady, like a turtle. I won’ t lie to you or myself and say it is always easy or there is never a binge, but I will say I am feeling happy with my progress. In the grand scheme, I am happy where I am.

I have to remember I am happiest when I am true to myself. In the social media world we live in, it is easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. It is easy to get caught up in their excitement and even easier to want to be part of that excitement. I have tried many things because someone in my tribe was raving about it – running, weight lifting, and even morning workouts.
I am not so much good in the morning.
And I am not ready to run again.
But that doesn’t mean I can give up on finding my fitness!
For now, I am stepping back from the hardcore.
I am stepping back from my crazy need to be part of the group…I know I can do my own thung and my friends will still be there for me.
I can find my fitness without making myself crazy. Maybe if I’m lucky, my fitness will keep me sane. For now, I am enjoying my yoga streak. I feel like I am working my muscles but I am also working my heaad, heart and body connection.

Last night, I looked at my husband and said, “we need to take this dog for a walk.” And we did. And husband told me, if I initiate it, he will walk with me and Lucy. I can be in charge of this, it is goid for all of us! And it is one more of fitting in fitness not forcing it!
Plus, I do have a cute walking partner!


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    • not sure why photo isnt showing. 😦

      It IS a process and it HAS to be worth it…it IS worth it! I feel like I am learning more about myself then I knew possible. One day at a time, whatever I can do each day! xox

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