goals, music, and food (Updated)


August Goals.

  1. Blog every day for Janice’s challenge
  2. Yoga every day 21 days of yoga. {After I fell asleep on the couch after posting, I realized every day may be too much. So, I updated this goal. EVERY day is more of a challenge than I want right now. My goals are to be gentle and accepting – not strict and unreachable}
  3. 30 minute walk, minimum 21 walks (inside or outside)
  4. 21 other workouts – I have a pinterest board full of workout ideas and I have a ugifit and access to kettlebells and I have dvds.
  5. track – my food, my activity and how my belly feels (I am terrible at tracking but doc wants to see if we can pinpoint what might be causing my bellyaches PLUS, I am a Weight Watchers member so I should use the tools. )

Just decided to reward myself. Not sure what the reward will be…something cheap…maybe something yoga related or new headbands.

Click the pic above for info about Janice’s challenge,

Day 1: Your 5 favourite workout songs and why?

This is sort of a hard one for me for a variety of reasons. I have very eclectic taste and some days I feel like No Doubt, some days its Snoop Dogg (who is now Snoop Lion), some days its Pink and some days its The Band or some days its Iron Maiden or Green Day or…or…or.

And usually when I work out, I just pick whatever album I am feeling. Or I just listen to the radio. Music becomes background noise and if I am really into my workout – I don’t even “hear” the music. Sadly, it has been a long while since I worked out worked out. And my current workouts of choice, as I fight and claw my way back to a regular fitness routine, are walking and yoga.  Walking is usually with the dog or husband so I don’t listen to much music, and I just decided to give audiobooks a test drive. I will have to keep you posted about my entrance into the world of audiobooks.

Ok and on to the food portion of this blog post:

I love foodie pen pal.

What is better than food in the mail?!?

Wait, don’t answer that question…unless your mind is in the gutter, like mine.

My new friend, Stephanie, who doesn’t blog, sent me a fan-freaking-tastic box of goodies. Wisconsin-Local goodies. I never knew Wisconsin had maple syrup. I haven’t had much of a chance to dig in to this box but I am looking forward to it!! Husband is too! He can’t wait for pancakes!!


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  1. I love love love your goals! Annnnnnd I love your taste in music. As I was going around reading the music posts I realised that I’m either A) OLD or B) just out of touch – thank you for listing musicians that I’ve actually heard of!

    PS – walking…. If you subscribe to my newsletter http://www.fitnesscheerleader.com/subscribe you will be given a link to a 40min mp3 I recorded two years ago that leads you through an upperbody strengthening routine while you walk. Cheers!

    • thanks Janice!! and I do subscribe for a while now at old email addy but just did at this email for the mp3! so cool! thanks mama!

      and yea, I drive my teens crazy – I really don’t like much “current” music!

      • Feel free to do the Unsubscribe thing at the bottem of the email so that you dont get my posts sent to you twice 🙂

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