A quick walk in my living room


Today was my last official day of my summer program. And while I still have work to do, I don’t have a set schedule…so, I can sleep in all I want. Seriously, Q turned teenager this summer and can sleep all day so she doesn’t care or know if I sleep late. The last four weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. You see I am in charge of my school’s summer program this year and it is a lot of work….and stress.
Being in charge is a lot of work.
Now that is pretty much finished I can focus my time and energy to my August goals and preparing for new school year and getting to the beach as often as possible.
As for my goals, today I walked in my living room. After school, I came home and husband left to run errands and Q wasn’t home yet from her trip. I decided it was time to try out a walking video from on-demand. I have walked with Leslie Sansone but it has been awhile. On-demand had another lady walker video….kendra someone. (Sorry, my laptop died and I am blogging from my nook so its not all that easy to google these things.)
I only walked 15 minutes, 1 mile, but I felt it …well, everywhere. My legs and arms haven’t moved like that lately. I realize just how mushy I have let myself get. Good thing I am getting back on track!

Day 2 of Janice’s challenge: morning or night for workouts?

I am NOT a morning person. Not even a little bit. I love waking up at my own leisure then lazily drinking a cup of coffee while reading blogs and tweeting. On work days, I like to stay in bed as long as possible. I have tried making myself get up early to workout. But it ain’t for me. I make myself crazy when I try to be a morning worker-outer. I don’t want to and can’t make myself go to bed early enough to wake up early enough to workout and shower before school. And there is just the plain and simple logic of my schedule. I am done teaching by 3 every day. I could and should have no excuse to workout after school.
I have recently discovered I like yoga. I have found two time/places I like best for yoga: my classroom after hours or my room before bed. Both are quiet and dark and apparently give me just the right peace to get into the yoga.
I finally caved! I decided to stop trying so hard to be something I’m not….a morning person. I am so much happier doing this all my way!
Do you prefer mornings or evenings for your workouts? Or do you like afternoons, like me?!?!


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  1. For me, it depends on the workout. I prefer to run in the morning (before I’ve had anything to eat), but any other workout, I prefer in the evening. Biking, any time of day is fine with me!

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