In 10 years….


Janice’s challenge, Day 3: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I will be 44, my husband will be 51, and my daughter will be 23. Honestly, thinking of my daughter at 23 makes 44 sound a lot older. 10 years from now I will have just celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary.
WHOA!! That is a lot to process! I am just acknowledging  and dealing with the fact that Q is a teenager. Fast-forwarding 10 years is a little bit anxiety inducing. Seriously, I am looking for ways to slow down time.
But I am playing along. I had to think about what I really want for the next decade. Truth is I am not exactly sure. I love my job. I really love what I do. Teaching at-risk teenagers is mentally exhausting, I won’t lie, but I was meant for this work. I want to do more. I don’t exactly know how but more.  I have some rambly ideas but they are in the brainstorm phase and wouldn’t make much sense here.
I want to be at a place where I am healthy and active but its all second nature. I want to be at that place where I don’t have to think about making healthy choices. I will have well established healthy habits. Daily workouts will be just a normal part of life….like laundry and brushing my teeth….I don’ know about you but I do laundry and brush my teeth almost on auto pilot.
I really hope that by the time another decade passes I will finally have learned how to play chess. My husband and daughter know how to play but I have never learned. Lame, right?! 😉

Life is not easy or without worries but I am happy. I love my family. We may not be the richest in monetary means but we have love and kindness and happiness with each other. Q is a teen now and on the go as often as she can but some nights, like last, she simply wants to play cards with us old people. We had fun but tonight she is at a sleepover. In 10 years those family card nights may not happen very often.
I am cherishing today and not rushing for future predictions. As long as my family still finds time for one another, I need nothing else.

Where do I see myself in 10 years?
Preparing for a Sunday night dinner with my favorite people. The place doesn’t really matter, as long as AJ and Q are with at the table!


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  1. I’m doing this challenge too! I love reading other people’s answers. The thing you mentioned about card games with the family makes me sad! But don’t worry, you will probably still have game nights even we you guys are over. Trust me my dad ALWAYS ends up playing tons of games when my grandparents are in town 🙂

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