getting caught up


I missed a few days on my blog-every-day challenge. My laptop totally conked out on me. And while we do have a desktop and I have my nook, I just felt the need to chill on the social media front. My cat was/is having an issue with his foot, my finances have me feeling punchy, and I am struggling to get in a groove.

August is a very hard month for me. I have no real work schedule, my teen sleeps all hours of the day away, and I just don’t know what I want to do with myself. It’s lame, I know…but its where I am at right now. I am working on it.

I started #plankaday the other day. I am counting planks as “other” workouts for my August goals. I want to be successful in my goals and a plank is not easy for me…so it is an acceptable “other” workout for me.

  • yoga 1/21
  • walks 3/21
  • other 4/21
  • blog 5/31 – including this post
  • tracking 0/31 ( a whole other post )


And now, I want to get caught up on Janice’s challenge.

Day 5 5 Foods you can’t live without

I love food. I never loved food until I started trying to lose weight. And now, I may not have lost a lot of weight (if any) but I have gained a whole new appreciation for food. I have come a long way from the girl who burnt water and toast, regularly. I had zero kitchen confidence until Big Man took me under his wing. I learned some basics and have just bloomed from there.

I love recipes! Seriously, I have a recipe pinning problem. I keep looking for new and innovative ways to eat real food, healthy food, and yummy food! I have a pinterest board titled “chicken 1000 ways” and I am on a mission to find as many chicken recipes as I can find. I have found so many winnerwinnerchickendinners on pinterest. And I think my husband would LOVE for me to fins LESS veggie recipes. HA.

I also have to keep our food budget under control. The budget is tight so I am always on the lookout to get the biggest bang for my grocery buck! I refuse to eat crappy just because money is tight. I have to set a good example for my daughter, she will be fiscally and physically responsible.

So, all that…5 foods I could not live without:

  1. sushi
  2. brownies potatoes
  3. eggs
  4. bananas coffee
  5. steak

That was hard! I wanted to cheat and put chicken, fish, fruits, desserts, eggs – but that seemed like cheating. There is always the every favorite list of Italian, Mexican, breakfasts, fruits and desserts. Again, that looks like cheating.

And there you have my list!

Day 6 Your highs and lows from this past year

Early in August of 2011 – I was training (in a less than stellar manner) for two half marathons. I was maintaining a nice weight loss of about 50 pounds.


I hurt myself running a 10-miler I had no business running.

I sprained my ankle tripping over a dog toy (I know, this is so not helping my cool-girl status) .

I had surgery to fix both.

Crutches. And a lot of couch sitting.

Physical Therapy.

more recover.




Where now??

Clawing my way to where I want to be…

As always, a work in progress!!


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