summer learning


I did a mini-disappearing act.

Working with one computer is a pain. I don’t really like using the big computer…I prefer my laptop….it’s just easier for me….I don’t really know why…it is just harder in the summer. When school gets back in swing no laptop willbe no biggie.

Lack of laptop is only one reason for lack of blogging and social media. Yea, I know, I have slacked in my tweeting and facebooking. I have so many amazing online friends I have been ignoring. I won’t apologize because I have been spending time with AJ and Q enjoying the wonderfulness of summer! There have been a lot of days with severe thunderstorms with super heavy rains. Those days we watch movies or play or summer-long GinRummy battle. Most sunny days we seek water fun as often as possible t the lake, ocean, bay or someone’s pool. With the Olympics goin on, there was a lot of really late nights, late mornings and lazy lounging days.

It was a lazy, non productive week. My blogging took a back seat. Actually, almost everything took a backseat. I haven’t walked or yoga’d or planked or blogged in days….like 6 days, maybe a whole week. I am not sure what this will mean for my August goals but I am going to keep going and see where I end up on August 31. I may not hit 100% success with my goals but I can dust myself off and chalk up last week to a tad too much summer livin’ and move forward. I will finish out the month and see how I did!

That right there is a huge VICTORY for me! I tend to get really disappointed when I miss a few days and know I screwed up my goals. I usually woukd say “screw it, goals cannot be reached, might as well just ….” I am only hurtung myself if I continue to do nothing towards my goals. I can beat myself up or I canpick myself up and dust myself off.
Progress. Not perfection!
Every today is sort of a new start.
And tomorrow is most definitely a new day.

Lazy ends! I just 3 weeks school is back in session. I have so many ideas for this coming school year. Next week, I have an informal staff meeting and I shouls have my schedule so I will be able to really plan. The new school year always gets me giddy but a little part of me wants summer to never end.

In preparation, I am planning on getting back to a routine. Basically, I will get up in the morning like a work day but maybe not as early and then I will be productive. Between school stuff and housestuff and “workouts” and whatnot I should be able to get some shit done. A bonus, I will be back on my normal sleeping and eating schedule which also helps keep my lazy beast trapped inside. I want to be moving and grooving and when I am getting my proper sleep and eating regularly and being productive makes me want to move and groove. It all seems to work when I remember what works.

Always learning.

And with that, I should go to bed. Tomorrow is a chance to get back to goal-chasing.

Goodnight, my loverlies!


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