MyProudest Moment


Today is Day 18 of janice’s challenge to blog evey day in august. I have not even come close to blogging everyday of every topic but for me, this challenge is more about me not giving in. I may not end this challenge at 100% but I will end this challenge when it ends….August 32nd….ha! 😉

May 7, 2007 I graduated from college. I earned 2 BA degrees. I was 29 years old, my Q was not yet 8 years old but after 6 years (6 long, sleep deprived years on my part) we DID it!!!

I went to college for Q.
It is not easy raising a baby on a waitress salary. While not impossible, I was looking for something more stable and secure. Teaching was not my first choice but it just sort of happened. I never picture a life with a husband (sidenote: I am a kid of divorce- my parents divorced before I started kindergarten. My dad remarried and is still married to that woman. My mom’s 3rd divorce was right after I graduated high school. I didn’t want Q to have same childhood I had.) and teaching seemed like great job for a single mom with a love for reading and writing.
After high school, I went a little wild. I met a boy. We both worked in restraunts and we followed the tourist seasons – summers in jersey, winters in flotida. I did a lot of stupid, REALLY STUPID things with and for this boy. He gave me bruises but also gave me my Q and life experiences I hope I can use to help.
When I finally left him for good, no one believed it would last. They all though I was weak. I had been but I started to be strong when my daughter was born and it just grew after I left that stupid boy.  About a year after I left the boy, I was struggling with jobs. Waitressing in the winter in a resort area just plainly sucks, so I found  temp gig in an office and that became permanent.  But I was not meant for lifelong government service. I went to school. Not many people were supportive. Most of my family thought I was nuts…I don’t want to rehash their negative comments but basically it was of the opinion I should be spending that time with Q or working to support her.

So graduation was this amazing moment! I had done the impossible. I persevered and persisted and just plainky dug my heels in and handled my business. 

I am so glad this was today’s topic! I needed to remeber that I do have a stubborness and an ability to accomplish what I set my mind to doing. I have to use this superpower to fight off my procrastinating, self-sabatoging kryptonite.

What is your proudest moment?


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