#visalus check in, week 1


Dr. Mo has been telling me about visalus. I have seen several online and twitter friends, including Dr. Mo, talking about their Body by Vi 90 day challenge. I have always hesitated. I had several reasons for my hesitation: can I afford it? does it taste good? Will it work? Is it selling out to try a meal replacement shake?
I have a great friend in Dr. Mo, she assured me of all my hesitations. It is no secret I have been struggling to figure out how to proceed, but I am in need of a shake-up. And I am not the only one. I talked all of my findings and my hesitations with my husband. Sidenote here, I am one lucky woman for many reasons but mainly for my wonderful husband. He puts up will all my craziness!
We talked and decided to try ViShakes together. Right now, we aren’t thinking any further than 90 days. After the initial challenge we will evaluate.my husband is diabetic and takes pills. We both have made many changes towards a healthy lifestyle over the last few years. But it as not been enough and we sorta feel like somethin’ has gotta give.
Enter Visalus. Now, I do not expect miracles and I know we have to be diligent but I do think ViShakes are what we need right now. Evey experiment is and adventure is all part of the journey. This particular experiement is the first of its kind AJ and I are totally together on.
I am going to document this experiment.

Our first week on the challenge was great. The shakes are delicious and can be mixed in so many yummy combinations. The shakes are really filling. I am eating breakfast again, I have been sadly neglected the most important meal of the day. Husband is satisfied all day long. He is happy with his additions to the shake. We have been having awesome dinners with leftovers (since we aren’t having them for lunches) every couple of days.
First weeks are like the honeymoon phase. I just hope it continues. I like how I feel! I like the ease and variety! I really really like having my husband on board with me.

The numbers:

Week 1: -3lbs
Total: -3 lbs

Week 1: -3lbs
Total: -3lbs

My eats (in simple form):

Day 1, Monday, August 13
Shake-strawberry, blueberry, banana LFM
Shake: chocolate banana LFM
Dinner: 2 cheesesteak Quesadillas, oven fries
Snack: salad, popcorn

Day 2:
Shake: chocalate banana PB LFM
Apple, oatmeal bar
Shake: pistachio AM
Salad wth antipasta
Dinner: pork chop, homemade mac &  cheese with broc and cauli

Day 3:
Shake: pistachio AM
Vanilla yogurt, 1 cup and cantalope
Shake: pineapple juice (no sugar added), mango, coconut extract
HB Egg and string cheese
Sausage. Potatoes, peppers – hash style, baked
Snack: egg on english muffin

Day 4:
Shake: pineapple juice – strawberries, blueberries, 1/2 banana ( same shake for lunch)
Oatmeal bar
Dinner: sirloin, cheesy potatoes, corn on cob

Day 5:
Shake: pineaple juice, cantalope, 1/2 banana
Snack: clementine, oatmeal bar
Shake: choco pudding, banana, PB LFM
Snack: oatmeal bar, clementine
Dinner: leftovers – pork chop, meaballs, mac & cheese

Day 6:
Potato and cheese omelete
Leftover mac and cheese
Shredded chicken burrito (homemade, 1.5)

Day 7:
Shake: chocolate peanut butter LFM
Shake: butterfinger LFM
Stuffed Peppers (beef, italian sausage, rice, parm cheese – topped with fresh tomatoes & mozzarella)
2 plum upside down cupcakes


About jennifer lynn

Mom. Wife. Teacher. Bartender. Jen. I'm trying to balance life with living. I'm trying to find my Zen (balance and happiness) in a world of chaos. I'm a busy mama but I need to find my Zen.

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  1. Hugest Smile EVER!!!!! I’m so proud of you BOTH!!!! Just as in Life, there will UPS & DOWNS, HIGHS & LOWS!! We will take it #OneDayAtATime and CONTINUE to Live, Love, & Laugh OFTEN!!! ;-))

    #MuchLOVE ❤❤❤

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