#visalus check in, week 2


It was a bit of an odd week for me. For no good damn reason, I could not get my shit together. My sleep was screwy and timing of shakes and snacks and meals were all over the place. This is much easier all around if I make plans, prep ahead and stay on schedule. It was that week so really all bets were off. But I don’t think I did too bad.
I decided if two meals were going to be shakes, dinners would be delcious and nutritous and totally homemade. As in, if we want mac & cheese we will make it from scratch with normal ingredients. We all have sweet teeth, I have made a few fruity muffins to keep those sweet teeth satisfied. I am cooking more, spending more time in the kitchen and I am having so much fun!
We are able to have leftiver nights! For the last few years we have turned leftovers into lunches. We never had leftovee nights. I forgot how awesome it is to have random leftover nights! When my AC decided to stop working, I was even happier to have leftovers. Speaking of food and leftovers, I have been menu planning most of the summer but 2-4 days at a time depending on a few different factors. As school starts back, I will go back to weekly menu planning and blogging said menu. I am very aware with shakes and school and the busyness I know will begin next week, I must plan and prep.
As usual, I ramble.
This is my last week to prep for back to school and it is also last week to hit the beach as much as possible before I turn into Teacher Jen. Luckily, the weekends for a while will be perfect for beach without so may shoobies! My to-do list is 67 miles long….time for me to get to work!

Weekly Weigh-in

This week: -1lb
Total: -4lbs

This week: -3 lbs
Total: -6 lbs

Day 8 (Monday, August 20)
Shake: peach mix in, sugarfree peach nectar, almond milk
Shake: LFM, chocolate pistachio
Salad with shredded chicken, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, fatfree italian dressing
Dinner: Loaded Nachos (bar style –  shredded chicken, roasted corn, roasted cubanelle, green onions, tomatoes, beans, cheese, cheese and FF sour cream)

Day 9
Shake: chocolate, peanut butter, 1/2 banana, LFM
2 clementines, string cheese
Shake: lots of strawberries, 1/2 banana, LFM
Burrito (big snack, hungry today)
Dinner: leftover stuffed pepper

Day 10
Shake: strawberries, strawberry flavor packet, 1/2 banana, AM
2 clementines, string cheese
Shake: chocolage, PB, banana AM
Dinner: buffalo chicken bake, green beans
Plum upside down muffin

Day 11
Shake: blueberries, mango, banana AM
Grapes, string cheese
Shake: frozen cherries, vanilla extract, LFM
Dinner: 2 eggs, sausage, home fries, toast
Plum upside down muffin

Day 12
Shake: cherry vanilla LFM
Grapes, string cheese
Shake: peanut butter, banana, vanilla LFM
Skinny BBQ chicken with colbyjack, sinny chicken parm ( both on bagel thins)

Day 13
Shake: cherry vanilla, AM
Shake: peanut butter, banana vanilla extraxt AM
(Way too much time between shakes, not enough food. Headaches after very late dinner, shaky…needed more food)
Dinner: shrimp in spicy tomato sauce, raviolis
Ham sandwich

Day 14
Didn’t track.
No shakes day.


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