#visalus check in, week 3



Since Monday was a holiday around here, husband had the day off and since his scale is at work we decided to just skip this week’s weigh-in.

I did not have the greatest week. Too many indulgences were allowed in and I have no really good reason for it. I spent a lot of time sitting at the computer, not blogging or tweeting or really even facebooking. I was extremely productive with back to school preparations.

It was a blah kind of week. It was sorta yucky weather wise, my daughter ditched me constantly, I am totally broke and I had a million things to get ready for back to school.

I let the chaos and clutter take over everything else. I did not eat enough during the day and then went crazy at night. I know I did not drink enough water and I damn sure did not exercise or move enough.

With school starting, I will focus on finding my balance. I think with the routine of school days, I will find more of a balance for me.

I did log most days. So, I will post. I know this was an off week and so is my recap. I will be more smiley next week.



Day 15 (august 26, 2012)
Shake: chcoolate cherry LFM
Shake: butterfinger – not so good….i made it too think, it was pudding-like
Omlet muffin on english muffin
Dinner: chicken cordon blue, homefries, and italian zucchini

Day 16
Shake: chocolate cherry AM
Shake: chocolate peanut butter banana AM
Dinner: hugh jass salad (genoa salami, hot capicol-sp?!?, ham, provolone, mozzarella, homemade sweet salad peppers, hardboiled egg, pasta, italian packet dressing)

Day 17
Shake: chocolate peanut butter AM
Omlet muffin on english muffin
Shake: tropical (mango, pineapple, banana) pineapple juice, AM
Dinner: chicken caesar salad, small side pasta with leftover spicy shrimp sauce, garlic bread
2 Soft pretzel

Day 18
Shake: strawberry, banana AM
Shake: chocolate cherry AM
sausage pepper sub
1/2 sausge sub
Chips and dip

Day 19
No tracking

Day 20
No tracking

Day 21
No tracking


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