AwesomER October


There is still post #fitbloggin excitement and energy flowing through my veins. I am full of Jen-ness! The very best part of me that is excited and ready to take on the world feels ALIVE!

I have not been feeling so alive and that has to change. I am tired of feeling tired. I need to take care of me: my body, my mind and my soul!! I mean really, really take care of myself!

Eating Right.

Moving My Body!!

Being gentle and kind to ME!

Oh and did I mention, I need to do ALL of these things….wait for it….consistently. If you remember (and I do say this so that I remember) I have zero follow-through when it comes to weight loss, fitness regimens, etc. I have to finish or I will just keep regaining the weight. I have to stay consistent or I will be an old lady who isn’t even old.

I have realized a few things:

  • I do not have to change for anyone
  • I like who I am
  • I do not like how I look
  • mainly, because I don’t feel like I look good. How can I feel like I look good when I am doing nothing to actually look good. (seriously, I could spend a few extra minutes on hair & make up and outfit coordination)
  • it is not all about how fat I feel. I feel mushy. and my boobs suffocate me when I do certain yoga poses. and I lose my breath walking up the stairs at school.
  • I want to be like my neighbors….in my 90s and still mowing my own lawn.
  • I need to eat better and move more if I want to be mobile in my 90s.
  • I need to be nicer to myself! I do like who I am – I am freaking awesome, I know this and now you know it too…so why do I think it is ok to beat up on myself for a few extra pounds?!?


Most of the time.

When I am doing right – eating right, exercising, caught up at work, etc – I feel like nothing can stop me. I know the power of my awesomeness. When I am not doing right, I have a harder time believing in my awesomeness.

Enter the AwesomER Jen Challenge!! 

It is a challenge for me, by me and all about me!!

While taking it all one day at a time, I am hoping to make October a month for consistency~a month of awesomeness, if you will!

  • I will track my food and movements every day (I am using myfitnesspal – and I am not going to “advertise” this all over twitter and facebook, I need to do this for me – not pats on the back – kwim?!)
  • I will move intentionally for 30 minutes every day
  • I will say something (at least one thing) nice/positive about myself – I wanted to make this a picture thing – take a pic of myself and then say something nice but this may not always be feasible.
  • I will have fun and try new things – I will join fun online challenges with my friends – thea’s journal challenge, christieo’s #squatoberfest, GrowSoulBeautiful’s October #yogaaday(I don’t instagram but I will do the poses and maybe even get pics occassionally, new recipes, new foods, etc.
  • I will remember finger quote “this” un-finger quote is about progress, not perfection. I do not have to do this in any manner but my own – I will do this MY way and I will be proud of my successes….all the little ones!!

Yep, I will be awesomER by month’s end.

One small success, one baby step, one day at a time.

Next month is my one year surgery anniversary. I will not be sad and pathetic with no progress to show for that year…I just refuse.


I will be AwesomER!


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  1. Yea!!! So excited to have you join the Intagram challenge- you can post to twitter (just use @GrowSoulBeauty and the #YogaADay tag) or even on Facebook (you should be able to tag the Grow Soul Beautiful page).

    Clapping my hands for you in a huge round of applause for all your awesome & even more awesome-er to come!

  2. There she is! The girl that’s been hiding for a while! Now, she’s out in the open getting fresh air again…there will be no stopping her!

  3. Great post and even better attitude. I too am challenging myself in the month of October. I have challenged myself to resist the urge to cheat on my weight loss program with those tasty little treats that have kept me at he same weight for the last two months. I will lose weight this month.

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