I am the kind of girl who almost never carries a purse.

I am the kind of girl who rarely has pants with pockets.

I am the kind of girl who is forever searching for her car keys and cell phone and driver’s license.

I am the kind of girl who drives her husband CRAZY when I am late for work but still running around the house looking for my keys.

ENTER the BANJEES Wrist Wallet….

I was one of the lucky Fitfluential Ambassadors given the opportunity to take the BANJEES Wrist Wallet for a test spin.  YES, I received a beautiful BANJEES for free, all opinions are my own, and if you read through, I even have one for you!!
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First, the particulars….right from Sprigs site:

Why a Wrist Wallet?

We love the outdoors, we love exercise and we love not being locked out of our home after a nice run. But carrying keys in your pocket isn’t always an option. And when it is an option, sometimes keys flopping around in your pocket is down-right uncomfortable. So we went looking for a quality, comfortable wrist wallet that could fit more than just one key and maybe a credit card. We found lots of outdated fanny packs, and lots of Velcro closures.  We were left with only one choice: design our own wrist wallet.

What makes a Banjees Wrist Wallet the best wrist wallet?

We think the Banjees Wrist Wallet is the best available because they:

  • are wicking, stretchy and comfortable
  • come in more styles than any other wrist wallet
  • are machine washable

The design patent on the Big Banjees Wrist Wallet also called the Phone Banjees Wrist Wallet has been granted! We’re thrilled about this and look at it as confirmation that we make the best wrist wallet available.

Who are Banjees Wrist Wallets for?

Banjees are the ideal wallet for runners, but they are also make a great wallet for the beach or cycling, or yoga, or… Well, you get the idea. But wrist wallets aren’t just for the outdoorsy type. A Banjees wrist wallet is great for those times when you need to carry more than your pockets can hold, but you don’t want to carry a bag, like your child’s soccer practice, or a quick jaunt to the store.

Where/When I have used my Banjees Wrist Wallet:

  • at the beach – I put my car key in my Banjees while I was swimming. I didn’t have to worry about losing my car key or leaving my keys and other “valuables” sitting on the beach while I was in the water.
  • out for every walk with my Lucy (dog). I put my house key and a poop bag in my Banjees.
  • quick trips to the convenient stores, especially if I walked.
  • afterschool walks through the park.
  • out to the bar for girls night – again, I want to be hands-free but I need an ID, car key and money with me!!
  • Bloomsburg Fair – yep a HUGE fair with attendance of over 70,ooo people, I used a wrist wallet so money was easily at hand but not easily lost like it could be in a pocket.

My opinions:

  • I really, really dislike carrying a bag, especially on a walk when all I need is a key.
  • I think if my arm was a bit smaller, I would have more room for “stuff” in my BANJEES Wrist Wallet.
  • I still have a “stupid” phone, and it is too big for the BANJEES Wrist Wallet but that is ok, when I am out for a walk, I don’t need my phone.
  • BANJEES Wrist Wallet is PERFECT for walking my dog. Lucy is a big girl, having poop bag right at my wrist is just plain convenient. (anyone with a big dog will understand this convenience)
  • my BANJEES Wrist Wallet is so pretty!! I have the one picture above, and it IS reversible.
  • BANJEES Wrist Wallet is versatile, matches eveything I own, looks cute and is very useful!

And the Best Part: 


Just click on this little link for the RaffleCopter giveaway (I am sorry, I know this is a bit clunky – its my first time using the copter) LEAVE me a comment here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Ok, the rafflecopter thingie did not work right, so I am only asking that you go to  BANJEES Wrist Wallet page, look around and then come back here and comment on the  BANJEES Wrist Wallet you want!!


That’s it, one little comment gets you enter!! One week from today, Thursday, October 11 at midnight I will close this giveaway and I will randomly pick one commenter to win!! I will let y’all know on Friday who is my winner!!


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