a humbling start


I am feeling better from my round of inflammation. I am still on no meds but eating a non-spicy diet. I refuse to say bland, because I do NOT make bland food! Anyhoo, I am feeling better and last night I put it out there that enough was enough, it is time I worked on my shit.

I guess that makes today a new day #1 (however, I plan on treating every day like day #1 so I always have that day 1 excitement). I stepped on the scale and the 4 pounds I had lost over the last month, I found sitting right there on the scale. I am not surprised – hormones and junk food this past weekend will lead to a bit of a bump on the scale. But I have my starting point, and my first (of many) BIG goals…to lose 22 pounds.  (Just wait, 22 becomes a theme)

Last night, I packed a bag with sneakers and walking clothes, my HRM strap (I sorta wear the watch* almost always), an ipod and my new nike sensor. I planned and walked 1 mile on the treadmill at school so I could 1. calibrate my sensor** and 2. test out my new shoes ***

Today was a good day. I planned it well.

I know Sunday nights I am up later than I should be watching football or Boardwalk Empire and Treme. I always have the best intentions of getting to bed at a decent time but it just doesn’t happen. I planned for being tired. I had lunch and breakfast ready to go. All I had to do was put it all in a bag and take it to work. The alarm went off, I got up and out of bed, weighed in and was in the shower in no time. I got to work…blahblahblah…finished my day, changed into my workout clothes (all sitting neatly in my neatly packed bag from last night, packed up to leave, turned the lights out and headed down to the little gym in the basement.

22 minutes.

That is how long it took me to walk a mile on the treadmill.

Now, I am not disappointed (well, a little maybe) or discouraged. Ok, I didn’t think it would be that slow. Or that hard. Hard may not be the best word, but I felt every step. And I am so glad I took them. I have big dreams, and I need to get off my ass to accomplish them.

What’s that saying?!?

The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step…

Yeah, that must be it!

Today, I walked one mile.

999 more to go!

Tomorrow I am going to walk outside.  I have a meeting and then a few free hours and my meeting is conveniently located near a local zoo. I think some walking with the animals is just what the doctor ordered.

For now, I need to go pick out an outfits and decide on breakfast and snack for meetings and pack bags.











*As a Polar Ambassador, I was sent the FT60 for free. In exchange, I talk about my thoughts on Polar. All thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog will always be my honest thoughts and opinions. I would tell everyone about the awesomeness of Polar even if I wasn’t an ambassador. A few years Polar’s heart rate training programs helped me learn to run and I hope to do it again.

**I bought the  Nike Sensor myself. The link above is NOT an affiliate link.

***I am lucky enough to have been sent a few pairs of the new minimus shoes at New Balance. I have recently discovered that rigid shoes hurt my feet, especially my surgeried leg. New Balance sent me the new minimus to test out. All thoughts and opinions are mine. I will document my new adventures as they happen.

~~I guess I should also mention, no one even asked me to blog about these things! Yup, that’s all me!


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  1. Way to go Jen! The most important part is knowing where you are…because without that, you can’t plan your destination!

    I’ve been where you are…that place where I know what to do, and how to do it…I just have trouble getting it done….

    Well, I am here to motivate you!! I am here to tell you how proud I am of you, that you didn’t give up after your surgery, that te Jen I know is in there….the Jen that doesn’t give up! The Jen that takes the punches and still gets up! The Jen that IS GOING TO WIN this battle, the same way she has won all the battles in her life!!! One day at a time, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, until she gets to her goal!!

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