SuperStorm Sandy blew into town….


Today was my first day back to school after the storm. Seriously, this was a HUGE storm but our governor was so on top of things. We were under house arrest Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday. My neighborhood was without power for 30ish hours. SuperStorm Sandy cause a lot of damage, A LOT, only a few miles from my house over on the barrier islands.  I know we lucked out big time. That being said it was rainy, windy and cold. Two different storm systems met and combined with high tides and full moon, it was nasty.  There was a travel ban so no leaving the house until Tuesday. We had no power until Tuesday late night.

Wednesday was for recovery and return to normal and clean up from the mess. We lost a few shingles off our roof (we still have to get someone on the roof to truly assess the damage, we hope not a lot) and had some water in the basement (old house, basement gets water) and we lost power. And I have a 90-pound princess with four legs and she happens to have no problem with  the rain. Many, towels and blankets to be washed. And many mud prints and just plain dirt to be picked up, wiped up or vaccumed up. Now, I know I am a hot mess in the kitchen, but dang, I made a mess finishing my chicken dinner in the dark (that could probably be its own blog post, but you know the power went out as soon as dinner was in the oven).

I cleaned a lot in this little house of mine yesterday.

Then school today.

I am so tired.

And self-realizations

I think handling the storm and lack of power would have been easier if I was more consistent in my physical activity. Scratch that. I know it would be easier if I was already in a routine. Right now, I am sporadic at best. That changes RIGHT NOW. After I post this, I am going to do some yoga before bed!!
It also, couldn’t hurt if I was more consistent in my good eating. No wheat for me. I am convinced I feel better mentally and sort of physically lighter when I don’t eat wheat and sweets. I was starting to get a grip on this. When we lost power, I sort of lost control of my eating. Total anxiety eating, But prior to losing power I was not eating out of stuck-in-house-boredom. So the storm is over and I have no need for anxious eating. I will have an apple for dessert! I do have some yummy honey crisps!!

I realize I handle anxiety and stress so much better when I am eating better and working out regularly. I even see a connection between my scatterbrainedness and distractedness. When I eat right and work out, I tend to stay on task easier. I tend to do one thing at a time instead of starting 6 things before I finish one.

Know when I realized all this…when I finally made myself throw in a yoga dvd after a long day of cleaning.


AwesomER Jen Challenge!! 

So, October is over and I made GREAT strides towards my goals.

  • I logged my food and activity 27 of 31 days (not bad since 2 of those days I was without power…HA).
  • I moved more – not very strictly every day for 30 minutes, but I was more conscious of moving. This month, I get in even more of a swing in the physical fitness area of life…more on this in a post coming your way very soon!
  • I stopped myself from thinking negative thoughts about myself. I am a work in progress and while I want to make changes, I in no way hate myself and I need to be nicer to myself. In fact, my new motto with myself is “talk to myself the way I would talk to my BFF” (except I don’t really have a BFF unless you count AJ and he is but that sounds so corny)

Guess what?!?


I am not done being AwesomER!

I still have work to do!

I am READY for the work!

HELL, I am looking forward to the work.

I have BIG dreams.

And AwesomER is only the beginning!!


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