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It is Saturday and it is cold and my room is a MESS.

I started straightening up.

Then it hit me…summer really is over and winter is quickly approaching.

I have been in complete denial.

Clothes must me switched out. There are so many clothes I don’t fit in or don’t like or don’t fit. I started to weed through the clothes and made a few piles – trash, keep, and goodwill.

Then I realized, I have shoes…mainly sneakers, I don’t/can’t wear anymore. I have more clothes than I can wear. I mean really need 64 oversized tee shirts?!?


I decided to make a pile of “stuff” to take over to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.  The Rescue Mission helps feed, clothe and house homeless all year long. They do a really great service. With so many people still displaced from SuperStorm Sandy, they need help.

I put this up on my facebook page:

“I am in the process of cleaning out my closet and drawers, putting my summer clothes away and bringing down sweaters and other winter clothes. I am organizing AND purging out wintery things to donate to AC Rescue Mission”
And a few people commented that they have things they could send to me.
It got me thinking…
I can help!

I can ask YOU, all of my wonderful readers and friends…can you raid your closet and drawers and attics and basements and donate anything you don’t need.
  • warm clothing (kids and adults)
  • blankets
  • towels, washclothes
  • coats
  • gloves, hats, socks
  • shoes

I am working on the logistics of this – but if you have something you want to send me to donate to the AC Rescue Mission email me at


if you have the ability and want, donate monetarily directly to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission




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