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Lately, I have been evaluating myself, paying more attention and slowing down to let in emotions and really see and feel what is going on with me. I am very much a work in progress and this feels so new to me but I have learned many things!

  •  I have so much patience with just about everything and every one other than myself and my weight loss journey.  I want things to happen. NOW.
  • but I am working on patience with this journey. The more I slow down, the more I am able to see and feel what I need and want.
  • I am so insanely scatterbrained. I tend to start a lot of projects, challenges, bandwagon, etc. Problem is I rarely finish.
  • I have to really, really focus in order to finish and work on one thing at a time. Case in point, yesterday I was cleaning and organizing my room. A very messy project because I have started many times, but gone to do something else before really finishing. Yesterday, I finished! I ONLY worked on my room. And, it looks good!
  • I need to do this more often! No wonder, stuff like blogging takes forever….I get distracted and check twitter or facebook or whatever.
  • I work better if I take baby steps but those steps need to lead somewhere. I am working on my eating habits, bite by bite, so that one day, I don’t have to think about making healthy choices. But the healthy choices are second natures, the automatic choices. Weightloss will come as my healthy choices become healthy habits. On the workout, physical activity, I need goals there too. A reason, that is not weight loss related but something to work towards.  I need structure, a plan, something on each calendar day.   I also need something to work towards that is a bit less rigid. And I know exactly what I want! (Vague, I know, but coming soon!)
  • I have been seeing a lot of twitter noise about paleo, whole foods, #whole30, unprocessed, and I am sure there are more. I am learning a lot and I have found that I feel better when I eat mainly wheat free. But I don’t want to go wheat-free crazy – I have decided it is not important for me to go nuts about buying gluten free soy sauce and ketchup. I have also decided that occasionally I will use regular bread crumbs or flour (not almond or coconut or another super expensive alternative) and I have a few reasons for that: first there is my budget – those other flours or wheat alternatives can be quite expensive and second, I don’t want to replace wheat with alternatives, for the most part I want to eliminate wheat. Pastas, breads, cakes and brownies (and more) are huge triggers for me. I am sure whatever flour is used, I am going to eat more than I need. It is better to just not have them.
  • 80/20 or #lessprocessed – a hashtag I saw tweeted by Roni – I like this one. I am not ready to go 100% paleo (what is wrong with beans or potatoes?!) or unprocessed (right now, I am not willing to give up my coffeemate) but I am baby-stepping my way to eating much cleaner. I know on those days of better food choices I sleep better and wake feeling lighter.
  • I am a work in progress and I am going to enjoy the adventure of getting to know myself a little bit better.
  • Weekends are very easy to “screw up” – I need to be better prepared to spend all day with the husband for football Sunday. I allow the potato chips in the house and I all myself to eat them. I have no business eating one, single potato chip!!  Wanna know why?!? Because, I have no off switch with potato chips just like I have no off switch when it comes to brownies or bread. Next weekend, I will make sweet potato chips (I am pretty sure I saw a recipe on pinterest) and I will have veggies cut up!
  • I need more yoga in my life. I have only been averaging 1-2 practices a week. But each time, I finish a dvd I am amazed at how my body and my soul feel.
  • I need to do my workouts at school, before I come home. And, Q is fine without me for an hour and AJ will survive too. I can still be home in plenty of time to make a fantastic dinner. And AJ and Q can help out around the house and with dinner workings a bit more – I do not have to do it all.
  • A bunch of my friends have told me I have to think of my journey, and do what is best for me. My family will follow along or do their own thing but I can make it easy or hard on myself. Before, I was making it hard on myself. I was letting negativity steer me and my food choices.  I was not compromises, I was caving. Now,  I am going to work on eating what makes me happy. Everything will work itself out.


Always learning.

Making progress!!



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  1. It was fun reading this glimpse inside your head. I feel like everything you wrote is something my brain will filter through in a split second. I know for sure that when it comes to me I need to take one day at a time and sometimes one meal at a time and sometimes one bite at time to stay on track with my goals. And some days are much tougher than others. But keeping those mini-goals in mind makes it so much easier.

    You can do this, and all of those little choices will add up to big changes over time. Just remember to keep focused on one change each week so the massive overwhelmed feeling doesn’t take you under. (that’s what can happen to me too.)

    Cheering you on always, with lotsa love. – M

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