Plan & Prep for Success


Success is in the preparation.
Being prepared certainly keeps my stress levels down. When I am not prepared, I spin in circles. Sometimes, literally. I circle around my house looking for my keys and cell phone and other stuff. I need to be prepared…lunch mostly packed, bags (school bag, gym bag) packed and outfit picked out the night before. I even like to know after school plans ahead of time, when possible.
When I don’t have these things figured out and prepared, I am scattered. Usually, this leads to not pleasant school mornings. But having seen just how pleaasant prpared mornings are, I really like to be prepared.
Now, I must remember this and DO it every damn day. NO EXCUSES. I like being happy and non-scatterbrained. I am realizing when I plan ahead, when I prepare for mornings, I have better, more productive, and more all-around good days. Less stress in the morning lets me take the rest of the day in stride. A proper breakfast (for me this means eating before noon as I have a habit of putting off eating then being overly hungry/sick/crabby-mean) has always been said to be the most important meal of the day; it sets the tone for the day. Having my bags packed and meals planned also starts the day off on a good note.
Plan ahead.

This week’s plan
Dinner menu:
Sunday: chicken cutlets topped with roasted red peppers, spinach and cheese with tomato, potato gratin
Monday: veggified korean beef
Tuesday: breakfast featuring homemade breakfast sausage
Wednesday: chicken with garlic and green beans & potatoes
Thursday: skirt steak with potato & onion tart and salad
Friday: chicen cordon bleu casserole

Lunches/breakfast (since I am eating wheat-free/paleo-ish/#lessprocessed breakfasts and lunches are almost interchangeable)
Big ol’ chef salad
Carrot soup
Chicken sausage, roasted sweet potatoes
eggs and pork roll

Grapes, apples, bananas
Roasted chick peas
Hardboiled eggs
Salami & cheese & pepper tray

Yoga, yoga, yoga~ since my back and my neck have been bugging me, I need yoga this week!

I have some plans and I am prepared for the first part of this week. I feel good. I feel the progress I am making.


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