When the seed was planted


I recently announced I am training for and will finish the 2013 Philadelphia Marathon. The next 52 weeks will be the “Tale of the Turtle” as I take this journey step by step. Slow and steady #FTW!!!
I have been thinking about setting this goal for a while. I have been missing something…not something I could put my finger on exactly what was missing. Missing may be the wrong word.
Today I was in need of a winter hat and I found the seed. The first seed of the marathon variety.
At Fitbloggin ’11 we were all given these cool beanie hats in our swag bag. Robby from the iBeanie company was on hand with other hats to show off. I asked if they had a winter headband type and he gave me one. It was a pretty pale pink and I thanked him but walked

I told you it was pretty!!

away disappointed. That pretty pink headband with headphones built in has sat in my winter accessories drawer since Fitbloggin ’11. I tried to give it away to Kirsten but she told me I had to keep it until I finally decided to do a marathon (she was probably way more smart-assy). I balked. NO WAY! I was not interested at all in attempting a full marathon.

Kirsten, who has run marathons and is a complete badass, wouldn’t wear the 26.2 headband because it’s pink. She said I had to train now.




well then I was training for two half marathons….you know the rest…injury…surgery….blah blah blah


maybe I never stopped thinking about it. As soon as I opened my drawer and saw this headband, I was instantly standing with Kirsten in Baltimore, adamant that I would never even consider a marathon. It was at this moment I realized I had been thinking about the marathon since before my injury, at least on some subconscious level.

Well here I am, Day #1 of marathon training. I am training for 52 weeks so it will be a long, slow journey but I am starting it.  I ran today. I logged 1.42 miles. I warmed up by walking for 5 minutes at a slow, get used to treadmill pace. Then I did 12 rounds of 30-second run/ 60-second walk intervals. I was taking a walking break because my arch was bugging me a bit – not pain, not hurting, just being used and I wanted to be cautions – when the treadmill popped then stopped and was way stinky. No more treadmill at school. I had been planning on using treadmill for the first few months – to ease my fear of tripping over a rock and my dislike of the old.

But it looks like I will be taking my runs outside sooner than I expected. I guess I will be wearing that headband very soon. It is getting colder every day!!



It’s ALL a learning process!


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  1. So wp just ate my comment. :/

    I want you to know how proud I am of you, J. You can do anything you set your mind to. Giving yourself a year to slowly buildup to 26.2 is a great way to accomplish it. Love you, girl!

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