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Last month I received an AMAZING email from Hope of pv.body – a new company launching a new service! I first heard about pv.body at Fitbloggin12 and I have a few bright blue bags from the last lunch (many people took the tanks and water bottles but left the bag) that I use for grocery bags. Hope emailed saying she found my blog and loved it {side note: I am still completely amazed there are people who read my ramblings} and had an opportunity for me!

We set up a phone meeting and within 2 minutes on the phone with Hope, I was sold! You see, pv.body, has this program (much like those fruit of the month clubs I signed my parents up when I was in high school band and we had to sell fruit every year) where for a very low price you can receive an entire workout outfit (one top, one bottom) each month.

You start by taking a little style quiz – where you tell pv.body what kind of activity you prefer, what colors you like, and what pant length you like the most. I was a lot concerned when I realized pv.body only goes up to a size Large.  If I never lose another pound, I will continue to yoga and run and walk and sweat/workout. If I never lose another pound, I deserve to wear cute workout clothes. Yes, I am bigger than a size large but I want to get my sweat on!

I talked to Hope about just this subject. pv.body is a new company, and it took off rather quickly, faster than they expected. They will be adding in additional brands and additional sizes in the future, hopefully early 2013.   The company, and certainly the rep I connected with, are interested in what I have to say. I was asked all about my blog, the whys and whatnots, and I in-turn asked all about pv.body. After our conversation, I wanted  in!

I was totally sold!

Basically, it works like this….you take a style quiz, pay less than $50 and pv.body sends you a pretty Fit Box with one workout bottom and one workout top…do you know how much “they” charge for workout clothes?!?!

I opened my pretty pink package and found a compression tank and a bright blue pair of running tights, each wrapped in tissue paper. It was like opening a present! Both pieces were from a company called Nux. I had never heard of this company but I instantly loved the bright blue color of the running pants. AND Nux is a US company – made and designed in the USA.

Sorry, that last pictures is pretty bad. I am not good at taking pictures of myself…especially in form-fitting head-to-toe running gear. The tank was a bit small (but not bad for a Large since my girls and belly require an extra large) and the pants fit perfectly!!

I may be a bright color convert!!

Ok, so here’s the details… pv.Body costs $49.95 monthly. At first, I thought that was a lot of money…hey, I am sort of cheap when it comes to workout clothes…gotta save the $$ for the running shoes! Really, workout clothes can be $50 and more per piece for good quality. So, I decided to join pv.Body‘s ambassador affiliate program which gives me a 20% off coupon to offer you. 50% off brings your  first month to only $39.96. Now that’s a steal! Even if you sign up, get 1 outfit and quit, my coupon easily pays for itself.

If you are interested, use my link, and click on “Take the Quiz”. That will set your preferences and you’ll get an idea of the types of clothes they are offering.





Full Disclosure: pv.body reached out to me and sent my outfit free of charge. I have joined their affiliate program which means I will make a % of each sale my site brings them via  my link. All opinions expressed in the post are my own.


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