enjoy, not stress, the holiday



Oh, holiday season.

Oh Christmastime.

Oh, Christmastime.

I had such a hard time finding my Christmas spirit this year.

I have been dealing with things breaking – my furnace, my car, my phone, and my heart.

There have been tragedies, and I am not talking about them here – not yet, anyway. My heart is heavy and my brain cannot wrap around it all. I am choosing to bury my head in the sand and hold on a little bit tighter to my loved ones.

I have not been in the Christmas spirit for many reasons. Yes, there were the broken things to fix. But it is more than that…I love Christmas but I did not, do not want to go into debt for a holiday. I don’t want to stress about food and weight loss or gain.

I want to enjoy this holiday.

That is it.

I want to enjoy every aspect of this holiday.

And this is exactly what I am doing!

I am really only buying gifts for my husband and daughter.  I am not spending a small fortune on them, instead, I am looking for what they want/need and adding my own flair for fun gifts that are perfect for the person. AND, I am paying cash!

CASH only!

For anyone else, Q’s grandparents and miscellaneous family, we are making a plethora of homemade goodies: sweet/hot salad peppers, sour dill pickles, stuffed cherry peppers, banana bread*, zucchini bread*, and Somoa bark.  I will make up little goodie bags, filled just for the person.

I have baking and cooking to prepare for Christmas Day – where I have an open house every year. I make sure there is food and drink all day long, and I invite everyone to stop by when they can, in between their family visits. It is a great time! And because I plan and prep a few days ahead, I don’t have to be a slave to the kitchen!

More and more, especially this year, I am enjoying the holiday, the spirit, the love of my family and friends! I did not use credit cards, I did not buy needless gifts for people who already have enough (like my mom – when she wants something she buys it) and who do not need more knickknacks.

And this year, I am not going to stress about weight loss or weight gain or the I should eat this and I shouldn’t eat that. I am enjoying the time with my family and I will enjoy the foods of the day. THE DAY.  There are goodies I only eat or make on Christmas and I plan on enjoying them all.  For too many years, I have tried to “diet” my way through the holidays and I wound up hating it!

I am focusing on my family, my friends, and my self.

I think I have a good grip on a happy and fun holiday! Yesterday, I went shopping and bought remaining items off my daughter’s list, all the food and drinks required for my holiday menu.  I even made a list of what needs to be done and when to get it done.

I am organized.

I am excited.

And while this year, I started out a little stressed about money (a broken furnace and car will do that to a person), I turned it around and I think it is shaping up to be amazing!

I am ready for the festivities.

Are you?


How do you make your holidays stress free and full of festive fun and cheer? After Christmas, I will write a post with pictures and a sort of timeline of how I celebrate Christmas at my house.


*I freeze the banana and zuccini breads that I give out for gifts. I figure people already have a bunch of sweets and cookies out and are given even more, so I freeze the breads I give out!


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  1. I’m so glad that you are enjoying your stress free holiday 🙂 As a family we decided that for this year we would not do anything…no cards, no gifts, no parties…just a special meal at home. It is the privledge of those who are grieving. If grief has any benefits it is that it lets you off the hook of holiday pressure. Thankfully our family and friends understand.

    It’s been peaceful and reflective to not be in the rush of Christmas. Maybe next year I’ll have the strength for it. Or like I said to my mom and sister we’ll just go away somewhere warm and start a new tradition.

    Have a wonderful Christmas xoxo

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