quietly reflecting into the new year


I have enjoyed being home the last week. Our. Christmas was relaxing and the break has been refreshing and rejuvenating.  I needed this week of quiet reflection. It helped to have some time without the clutter of school and lessons. I was able to sift through the clutter in my head. As we approach the end of 2012 and the start of 2013, I have had an entire week of reflection.

Part of me was negative about my accomplishments in 2012. And then I remembered how I started 2012. I had my ankle cast removed a few days before and I had a wicked-nasty bout of the flu. I did a lot of learning and growing in 2012. I wish I had better documentations (something I would like to work to improve) but I know I am ending 2012 stronger and wiser than I started it! I am ending 2012 on  positive note. I feel good going forward. In the past 12 months, I started to find what makes me happy. I touched the surface to listening and learning and loving and mending.

Instead of a resolution.

This year I have a word.

This year my word is COMMITMENT.
I am making a commitment to myself.

Commitment to: More listening.  More learning. More loving (of myself).  More mending.

So I am making a commitment to me!

A commitment to remain me, just an awesomer me!


I have been debating what I wanted to do for 2013…..a list of 13, 35 for the year I turn 35….I just didn’t know what or how I wanted to do this post. Then I read a post from my friend Alicia. Alicia is committing to a year of self-worth and has decided to do something once a day, once a week, a month, etc. working towards that commitment.

My commitment to myself, to be me, only awesomer, sounds a lot like self-worth.

So, I borrowed Alicia’s concept and came up with a few things to help with my COMMITMENT!!

Once a day
~downward dog
~self portrait – with one positive word for the day, me, my outfit…something!
~journal (food, activity, mood)

Once a week
~review past week and list at least 3 positive
~at home spa treatment

once a month
~learn/try something new
~mommy/daughter dates

once every quarter
~walk/hike thru a NJ park or beach
~take a yoga class at a real studio

once every 6 months
~publish a vlog
~weekend with hubs

Once a year
~massage or facial

I must like the number 13. I wound up with 13 different things on my list of “once a… in 2013″ list

I am looking forward to the next chapter in my adventure!

Cheers to a positive, healthy and happy 2013!


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  1. Love your list. I relate to you so much. We struggle in much the same way. Let’s commit to some real progress this year and lots of mending. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. I’m so very excited to see what 2013 brings for us. You have a powerful word to keep your focus this year and some smart goals to keep you on track. Including a very incredible training goal for your first Marathon. I’m a giant Jen fan and giant Jen cheerleader, you just keep giving me reasons to sing for you!

    PS – the self portrait thing taught me A LOT about myself. It was definitely a serious challenge some days, but in the end so very much worth the lessons.

    So much love for you and excitement for 2013. xo

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