January 1st I made a commitment to start and complete the Whole30 program. I am doing great!! 

January 9th I made a commitment to 30 minutes EVERY day of moving my booty-walking, running, yoga, intense house-cleaning – and I am doing great!! 

Today, January 13th I am making a commitment to blog 3 times every week. My blog has taken a backseat and that is silly. Blogging is like my therapy. I need to use this space to clear my head and let my thoughts ramble. I do some of my best thinking here and in the shower and in the car. Here may be the only convenient place of the three.

COMMITMENT is the perfect word for me this year!

I will continue to make small commitments because I am realizing just how big those small commitments will be for me! I can already see how good they will be. I can already see progress. I am thinking about my commitments. I am honoring those commitments and by doing so,  I am honoring myself.

Eating according to the whole 30 guidelines has been a big switch for me. I am only eating three meals a day each meal containing protein, vegetables and/or fruits and some fat. I am getting lots of fresh vegetables, small amounts of fruit, a decent amount of lean meats every meal. Snacking is not really “allowed” on plan and I have been trying to stick with this “rule” as closely as possible. Not snacking has allowed me to really listen to my body. A few times I have truly felt hunger, I went and found a mini-meal not just a snack.

See, my commitment to whole30 is helping in my commitment to listen more!!

Moving more is loving me more!

I don’t know why I forgot how much I like to move. I like to sweat. A commitment to 30 minutes is not asking too much. And my body will thank me.


Small commitments that lead to a happy place.

A happy Jen.

I can’t wait to see where this year takes me.


This week I make the commitment to:

  1. continuing the whole30 plan
  2. blog 3 times (well, two more times)
  3. move my booty 30-minutes every day.
  4. #yogaaday – I missed yesterday but I will make that up tonight.
  5. That’s it! that is enough for this week!!

What is your commitment this week??


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  1. Your determination with the Whole30 is awesome! I looked at it and boy it takes commitment for sure. Love your yoga pictures too. Happy I have a place with your link I can’t figure out how to follow it from blogger I need a tech assistant!

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