Jen’s February Challenge


I will celebrate my 35th birthday in about 3 weeks. I have been toying with different ways to celebrate/honor this momentous occasion.

  • my friends (yes, you and all my twitter/facebook/fitbloogin’ peeps) live ALL over the place. 
  • I can’t take off and fly to a tropical climate. Seriously, who wouldnt want to spend their birthday on a tropical island?!?
  • I was working on a list of 35 “things” I want to accomplish this year. Not sure about this one anymore (I do better one month at a time, not the whole year)
  • I wanted to have fun, challenge myself and drag my friends along with me
  • AGAIN, I can’t jump on my private jet and gather all my friends and land on a tropical island
  • But that sounds great, doesn’t it?!?

So how does a girl celebrate with her friends when her friends are scattered all over the country/world?!?

She drags them into her crazy scheme challenge…

Jen’s YogaLove Fest February

Ok so the name needs work!

I am challenging myself and YOU to daily yoga!! Complete a yoga practice (10 minutes minimum) EVERY day in February!!

Yoga at home using a video, yoga doing your own thing, yoga at a studio, any yoga is a good yoga!

Are you with me?!?!

Yoga Sources: (huge, free video library)

30 minute beginner video  (I use this video a lot)

another 30 minute beginner (a little more intense as the vidoe above, I love it)

my yoga pinterest board (I will keep adding videos and information here as I gather it)

Then we can all celebrate MY 35th Birthday….I mean World Yoga Day

I will also be more committed to doing and posting a picture of growsoulbeautiful’s  #yogaaday pose!


So who is with me?!?

Can you?

Will you ?

Yoga with me every day?

It’s good for your heart, your head and your body!

Plus, you will make me smile!!


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  1. As I mentioned on FB, I’m in. I deemed it Fabulous February where each day I devote 5 min increments to my self care. This is perfect timing for me as my therapeutic yoga class cancelled and I needed to come up with Plan B. I signed up for monthly curvy yoga membership to get some videos and support and helpful modifications for my curvier body. Now, I have additional support! Awesome!

  2. I’m late, since I actually WAS on a tropical island last week (first Jamaica, then Cozumel) and a cruise ship in the Caribbean! 🙂 Sorry, I really don’t mean to gloat, but I had such a good time and NEEDED that getaway! So now that I have SEEN the challenge, I will join a few days late. 😀

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