Menu plan, February 4, 2013


Monday – lemon and artichoke chicken thighs and asparagus with roasted root veggies
Tuesday – garlic beef stew (pot pie over mashed potatoes for husband)
Wednesday – pineapple chicken stir fry
Thursday – pork chops, coleslaw, Mac & Cheese for husband and kid, veggies for me.
Friday – meatloaf, mashed potatoes (for husband) and cauliflower (for me)
Saturday – chicken drumsticks
Sunday – braised Chuck roast

I have learned I cannot force anyone to eat the way I want to eat. My husband and daughter have ridden along with me as I tried all the tricks to lose weight. I have made some dinners that were winners and others that were not even close to winners. I have counted points, calories, points again and I never found my happy place.
The whole30 changed so much for me. At first I thought it was going to be so restrictive and I would hate it. I never imagined those restrictions and rules would be so good for me. There was no way of fitting oooeygoooey, cheesey, or chocolatey favorites into the rules of whole30. I had to make real changes not just sorta changes.
I feel different as I proceed.
I can’t blame my family for being skeptical.
I can only keep leading the way.
Truth be told, they eat almost the same way with additional foods I am not eating. I used to eat them. Some of these foods are not “all that bad” but not all that great either. At least not for me.
So I’m back to menu planning, not that I ever really left, because planning is so important and I miss blogging it.
Do you menu plan? How in depth is your plan? Do you plan all your meals?

If you planned your menu this week, leave a link in the comments so I can check out what’s on your menu!


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