Back to Comfortable


At this moment, I have one pair of jeans that fit and really they are too tight. Well, they were too tight. I still wore them but these jeans were TIGHT. I needed to shimmy into them and suck in my belly to button and then I’d be uncomfortable all day.
The other day I was getting ready for work and I just pulled the jeans on. There was no tugging or sucking in of the belly or shimmying. The jeans just went on.
And they were comfortable.
I rode in a coworker’s car for 35 minutes.
I sat/stood in 4 hours of meetings. Then I sat and ate lunch. And then I rode back home in same coworker’s car.
And my jeans were comfortable.
Now. Those jeans were off almost as soon as I got home but I had no irritated red line around the waist. I could have worn my jeans much longer. But I prefer jammie/lounge pants when I’m home! 😉



I’m rather thrilled with this revelation!! And I know most of my recent weight loss and lost inches have ALL to do with how great I have been eating. Next goal is to increase activity levels and get there jeans to be TOO big!


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