A day off with my hubby


Yesterday was a school holiday….for me. Big Man had the day off with but prior Q had to go to school.



We went to Smithville Village to get breakfast but the store was closed. We did make a new friend!! I have no idea what kind of bird he is, but he was friendly! Plus, he’s pretty cute to boot!



We found breakfast!! We drove past and THIS sign drew me in! The Country Kitchen was so cute! Good foods AND good reading material! Yep, I bought the shirt!


After breakfast, we made our way to our favorite Italian Market where they make the most amazing homemade sausage!!


Once at home, I needed to prep some food for the week. And one of my new favorite lunches is my Veggieful Beef Scramble. Scrambled ground beef and whatever veggies I have in the fridge….voila…it’s lunch!!





AND then I went to the gym!

First time back in the gym in at least 6 months!

A smile and serious sweat!!

❤ #polar #proof


Yummy dinner (a team effort, my kitchen may be small but it is mighty!! AJ and I create wonderful yummies! Then I did a whole lot of yoga/stretching while we watched a movie!

And what movie is complete without movie snacks?!?

It was an awesome day off from school!

I LOVE my man and I really LOVE when we get to spend random days off together!


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