reasonable, realistic, doable


The menu plan:

Sunday: sirloin steak, crispy potatoes & wilted spinach

Monday: chicken, broccoli & cauliflower casserole

Tuesday: skirt steak stir fry (cauli rice)

Wednesday: meaty sauce over pasta for them, veggies for me (ooh, husband is cooking)

Thursday: 40-clove garlic chicken (crockpot)

Friday: marinated tri-tip roast, roasted garlic mashed cauli/potatoes and some green veg



1. 3 yoga practices

2. 3 gym sessions

3. 3 blog posts


My thoughts on planning and setting goals:

I don’t usually set weekly goals. I don’t do this because I usually set such lofty goals and don’t usually have the best follow through. Setting unreachable goals is sort of a specialty of mine but I’m trying to learn a better way. I realized setting goals is a lot like menu planning. When I sit down to create the weekly dinner, I have to take a few things into consideration: Q’s activities and my schedule determine what we eat and if who cooks! This week the kinks are in the form of yoga classes, guitar lessons, and color guard practice. As crazy as our schedule is this week, I know it can and will be busier in the years to come. Side note: I am not ready to have a highschooler!

We eat dinner at whatever time is convenient for us all to eat together whenever we can. Q recently started Color Guard (yep, she’s still in 8th grade but its practice for next year) and practice starts at 5 so dinner would have to be at 4:15. Its beginning, but I’m holding on to important family time!

Just like I need a reasonable approach to meals and planning said meals, I need to do the same with fitness plans. I need to be realistic…what is my schedule like this week and what do I want to accomplish this week?!? Well….


Why these goals:

I have not found my consistent workout groove. I want to be successful and build off that success.

3 yoga practices and 3 gym sessions.

A reasonable and realistic fitness-ey goal.

I can go to yoga classes (actually I’m starting a new yoga class on Wednesday) or I can stay at home and do my own thing! And if I can’t get my ass to the gym three times in a week, I should never have bought the 6-month membership. Time to make the most of it! 🙂 That sounds a bit harsh but its not! I’m being reasonable and practical.

Blogging is good for me! My blog is my place. To ramble, explore, learn and have fun! I don’t need to write novels ever time I blog but I enjoy journal style writing. And what harm can there be with a bit more writing?!?

I believe I am setting the time for a GREAT week!!

What about you? Are you a goal setter? A menu planner?


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  1. Sounds like you have a good week planned. I find that setting goals for each week is a good tool to make sure I ACTUALLY do stuff and don’t end up wishy-washy about it, which in the long run prevents me from reaching bigger goals. 🙂 I’ve just discovered the world of paleo and primal meal plan services, so I am trying one out and will be blogging about it soon. It’s been really helpful for me to know exactly what I need to buy for each meal and when I can do prep for each meal, too. Takes the guesswork out of it and prevents me from going to the store and just buying whatever.

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