RRD, until the water heater springs a leak





Or so I thought!

Last week when I set goals, my intentions were to get to the gym 3 times, yoga 3 times and blog 3 times.
I didn’t come close to reaching these goals.
I’d like to say I had some good reason. Or I was sick. I have no such excuse. AJ hurt his back and the doctor put him on muscle relaxers… so he’s been kinda useless (she says with all the love in the world)and I’ve had to pick up the slack. Then the water heater sprung a leak.
And then I had a minor freakout/meltdown.
It seems like one thing after another after another is in need of repair. Grrrr.
I may not have completed my goals last week…
I did not turn to food.
I did not fall apart.
I handled what needed to be handled.
I realize, at some point last week I gave myself permission to feel whatever I was feeling. In doing so, I didn’t feel weighed down by the negativity of the situation. By not pushing to make the gym or a blog happen, I was able to focus on what needed my attention with feeling overwhelmed with doing everything.
I did what needed to be done at the time, in order of importance. I set priorities. And last week eating good for me foods and taking care of my family was the best thing for me to do.
Its weird, initially I was mad that I missed the gym. Then I felt guilty. But instead of beating myself up, I thought of the things I was happy with, the things I could be proud of or be happy about accomplishing.

This week, I am working on adding in the physical movement. I have been to the gym 3 days after school. I made it to a new yoga class. I’m still eating good for me foods. This week is about getting to the gym. I bought a 6-month membership and I must use it.
Plus, when I’m active I want to be active. When I’m active I want to eat better for me foods. When I’m active I sleep better. AND when I’m active I am more productive all around.
So the moral of my story….stay active, it does my body and soul good. But remember to slow down when life gets in the way. And most importantly, take care of me the best I can each day.
I am a work in progress for sure!


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  1. I’m so proud of you!! You have stuck with the most important goal!! Taking it one day at a time and doing the best you can for that day!! Rock on my friend!!

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