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Last week, right before we lost an hour on the clock, I was convinced I HAD to start morning workouts. Have I ever told you all how much I dislike the morning and my alarm clock. Seriously, if I had my way, I would wake up on my own every day. I’m pretty sure I would wake up 7:30ish when the sun starts poking through my windows. So, last Monday when the alarm went off at 5AM I was painfully reminded of just how much I dislike mornings. Instead, I want to stay snuggled in my warm blankets with my dog and husband snoring on either side of me.  AND if it happens to be raining…well then, all bets are off!! Well, I decided Monday morning when I hit the snooze on a way too early alarm clock, if I can’t get my ass to the gym every day after school then I will have to do morning workouts. Let’s see how I did…. image   export (1)

My Polar monitor gives me weekly goals to reach, last week I shattered those goals!!! I rewarded myself with a nice bubble foot bath while watching The Vikings.

Here are my predictions for next week….



What are your workout predictions for the week??


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  1. You are rocking it! I’m going to play it by ear this week according to the weather. Today was SO hot, if it doesn’t cool down, I’ll be doing things inside like the mini-tramp or the bike. I was on a roll with my 10,000 steps but then my birthday and going out of town for the weekend happened, so I need to get my mojo back. I did walk today, but def not 10,000 steps!

  2. Jen when I read 5 a.m. my tummy flipped over! I hate mornings too so much and I know if I could get my mind around it I would be so much happier. It is hard to fit it in later in the day. You are doing awesome I love it! Keep on inspiring maybe I will get up a little earlier someday 😉

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