It was an accident


I stopped weighing in.

I stopped stepping on the scale.

I didn’t do it on purpose.

I think I quite like it.

Every Wednesday morning in January and February the first thing (after the normal stretch, potty, turn coffee on routine) I did was step on the scale. I teamed up with my friend, Ann, for a good old-fashioned Shrinking Jeans challenge so there was a weekly weigh in. The week after the challenge ended, I completely lost track of days that week and didn’t realize I had even missed weigh in or that it was Wednesday until my fourth class.

Side note: did you know today is March 20th?!?

Somehow, that one missed weigh in became two and today makes three. And I think I am going to continue this streak. I don’t want the scale to be important. And it was getting to be a too important piece in my puzzle. Actually not so much the scale but weight loss (or lack of) the scale represents.

I’ve come to realize I want so much more than weight loss. I want to eat foods that make me feel good. I’m still battling some belly issues but some issues have been resolved as long as I stay away from wheat and excessive sugar, especially the two together. I want to move my body comfortably during yoga…hell, I want to be comfortable during any physical activity. I want things that have no translation into a number on the scale. I have wanted to ditch the scale, wanted to not care about the scale but never quite pulled it off. I usually convince myself I need to know that number. I need to make sure I’m doing “right” and right means losing weight.

But why do I feel this need to lose weight?!?

The thing is, I just want my clothes to fit better. Like they did prior to my injuries and surgeries. That’s it. I want to feel confident in anything I wear.

Turns out, when I am physically active I feel much more confident in myself.

This has NOTHING to do with how much I weigh.


I am finding a rhythm with the gym and working out. I LOVE going to the gym and doing my thing. I love the way I feel when I am all sweaty and gross after a good gym session.

So for now, I am staying away from the scale and focusing on true measures of health and fitness.

A very happy accident!


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