I’m back baby


you may have noticed I was missing!

Well, I wasn’t missing missing. I knew where I was the whole time!! and if you follow me on instagram and/or facebook and/or twitter you have probably seen my smiley face pop up here and there. I was only missing from my blog. I have been in the process of moving my blog to a self-hosted platform. And since I am not tech-savvy at all, my awesome friend Karen stepped in and helped me. But before she did, I stopped adding new stuff….I could have posted but I let myself enjoy some time off.

While I was on this impromptu blog hiatus, I did some much needed me work in the gym. I have been working on finding my rhythm, finding my consistency and I think I found it…at least in the gym anyways. Don’t ask about other areas of my life….

’cause seriously,

I’m a hotmess!!

But I’m working on that…not changing it, but rather being ok with it!

I have a TON I want to blog about and I will blogging more regularly…seriously, I can’t pay for self-hosting and then not blog. Which, is also my logic with the gym…I paid for a 6-month membership so I better use the gym for all my money’s worth.

So, what I have been up to in the last month?!?

I am so glad you asked!!

And you will get the bullet point version of what I have been doing with myself:

  • I didn’t get the attic completely clean, but its WAY more organized. I am purging and have created keep & sell & throw away piles….I was planning on participating in a yard sale but the date was not good…because I will be in Maryland participating in my first ever Warrior Dash!
  • oh yea, I signed up for a Warrior Dash. I will be heading down to Maryland on May 17th. I will be having a grownup slumber party with my bestie Heather before we warrior dash. I am stoked for this event!! A weekend with my bestie…and my first Warrior Dash….oh yeah, I am a tad excited!!
  • I did NOT complete Stage 1 of NROLFW (New Rules of Lifting For Women) but I did continue. I added in a few extra workouts to this stage to work on my form for dead lifts and squats. I am still lifting and loving it more than ever!
  • I finished my 7-week Yin Yoga class! I LOVED this form of yoga. This class really helped me find the mind-body connection I have heard so much about.
  • I decided NOT to train for and run/walk the Philadelphia marathon.
  • I stopped weighing myself obsessively. In fact, the last time I stepped on the scale was April 1st.
  • I have decided to stop dieting and truly start living!
  • I realized I need to stop STOP the insanity!!! I do not do well with EVERY DAY challenges, you know the ones…pick any activity and DO IT every day….every time I sign on to these challenges, I miss a day and then feel so badly about it. Then I make it worse by not doing said activity again. Vicious cycle.
  • I am sure I am missing a TON of stuff I have done since I last I blogged but I am sure its the normal mundane living stuff and I don’t want to bore myself with that so I really won’t bore you.

As you can see, I have kept myself busy. I am still working on me but I am changing my approach and my perspective. I am working on following and living my blog title…yanno…listening, learning, loving and mending!!

I’m back baby!!

and I am going to find a blogging pattern because I also realized just how much I enjoy and need my blogging. It truly is a place for my to journal and work through some of my thoughts, feelings, emotions. I am a hotmess but as long as I am moving I am making progress.

So here’s to progress!

Did you miss me?!?


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  1. I can relate to so many things on your list! I had to bail on the 500 Calories per Day in May challenge. I realized that’s just not where I’m at physically right now and there was just no way I could meet that goal every day for 31 days. I’m such a “joiner” that it’s hard to just stop and listen to my own body before jumping in and committing.

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