slowing my roll


I see sparkles and I get excited!

I see a challenge and I get excited!

My friends get excited and I get excited for them!

I am a joiner, a people pleaser, and a yesser.

I agree to things, I join things, I jump on bandwagons.

I get SO EXCITED! I scream from the rooftops making HUGE announcements of GRAND plans….and then I do good with said grand plan…for about 5 minutes before something comes up causing me to miss a day. I can’t miss a day when I am doing an EVERY day challenge. OR I can’t miss a day when I am training for something big.

Because that one day I missed means I am a failure.


I am FINALLY starting to realize just how fucked up this behavior is; its absolutely detrimental to my success and to my mental state.

And its been a cycle I have been in for too long!

When I made the HUGE announcement to run a marathon, I thought I would finally break this cycle…

well I didn’t really start training because I couldn’t get my head in the right space to want to run/walk more than 5 miles. So I started skipping training runs. I felt like a huge failure. So I just stopped going to the gym.

Then someone – on twitter or facebook – mentioned New Rules of Lifting for Women. I had started this program last year and I loved it. But I didn’t complete it. I think I started it too soon after my surgery and my mind and body were not ready.  My calf was hurting too much to continue and then my gym membership ran out.

I am not doing this program again to redeem myself from previous failure. I started it again because of the structure it provided. No clueless looking around the gym trying to figure out what to do next.  Then when I actually got in the gym and re-started the NROLFW program I remembered how much I liked it!! I get sweaty and read and sore. AND I LOVE IT! I look forward to going to the gym. My husband says now that I am lifting, I get pissy when I don’t get to the gym regularly.

I have actually been working through the NROLFW program for about 3 months. I completed Stage 1, adding extra workouts in to really work on my form and I am on the second workouts in Stage 2. I did not make my usual grand announcement. I joined a FB group for support and advice on things like form.

I stopped talking about what I was going to do and just did what I wanted to do!

I realized:

and I need to just:

I am breaking my cycle,

slowing my roll!

I will continue doing what makes me happy. I will still blog…maybe more often than I have recently, but I was making my workouts a priority. Something had to give and blogging took a big old backseat.

I have embraced the word’s of Walt Disney and I got started!!

Sometimes we all need a little reminder

I know I did!!

Do you need this reminder?


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  1. Love this post. 🙂

    I recommend NROLFW to everyone because of how structured it is, and how easy it is to measure progress. I used to get excited about the next stage and seeing how much further I can push myself. On my own. It did a lot for me mentally, too!

    • it is sort of amazing how this program has me wanting to do more and push myself in ways I never could manage when I was “just” running.

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