Fitness Friday: streaking edition


I’ve never really done a dedicated post for a specific day (WIAW, Wednesday Weigh In, and such). Its not that I don’t like posts like this but I am usually so last minute that I miss posting on this days. I would love to participate in Kenlie’s Friend Making Monday posts but I usually forget until its too late.
I woke up today thinking its my first day of summer. And what kind of plans I want to make for this summer. And what goals I would like  to work on this summer. My thoughts went right to my plans for today….drop Q at school, chiropractor, and take Lucy to the dog beach. I think this sounds like a perfect first day of summer break (even though I still need to go in next week to wrap up some paper work and get my summer program set up) and the weather looks perfect! It is summer and warm with low humidity and around here, low humidity is something to dance about!

I have been less than consistent with any sort of working out.  Working with the chiropractor three times each week and the end-of-school crazies left little time or energy for the gym. Plus, the chiropractic work is sort of intense so I have been babying myself in between appointments.

Yanno what?!?

Yes, I need to listen to my body and rest up in between chiro appointments BUT this does not mean I need to do nothing. I don’t like when my body hurts so I have been sort of letting that be my excuse to do, almost nothing.

How can I possibly think that can do me any good?!?

But what do I do about it?!?

Well, I get off my ass and do something about it!!



So, I started thinking….I don’t want to attempt something I can’t be successful, I want to set myself up for success not failure. I’m not sure where I read it but “success breeds energy” and its so true!! When I am moving and grooving, I want to do more and keep moving and grooving. When I’m not, I don’t want to do it.

I have to fight lazy all the time!


I am going to fight lazy this summer.

I already told you I have new fitness goals, goals with no set end date. Before I can truly focus on these new fitness goals, I have to get myself better. Obviously that means first and foremost, I need my neck and back and hip fixed. BUT I also need to get moving and grooving consistenly.

sooooo I will start streaking!!

However, I will be keeping my clothes ON! Well, unless I am doing some naked yoga. But there will not be blog pictures of that activity!!

Sorry for the confusion.

Instead of naked streaking, I am talking fitness streaking!

I haven’t thought of a good name or anything but I am challenging myself this summer to do something fitness-ey every day and see how many days I can string together. I should mention that part of my do something fitness-ey every day is partially thanks to Carla also. She often talks bout not having starts and stops. I am awful about starting and stopping but I want to end that particular streak!

Jen’s Summer Do Something Streak?!?!

I will keep you posted with a weekly friday post. And since I will be dedicating every Friday for this post. I am actually stealing my good friend, Thea‘s post title. She has been doing Fitness Friday posts for a good long time and now I am jumping in with both feet!

So stay tuned for streaking updates!! Now, I need a good hashtag…..any thoughts?!?



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  1. Hmm, I guess my comment disappeared while I reset my Disqus password. Just wanted to let you know you’re doing a great job & I’m proud of you for putting yourself out there. I know it’s not always easy to fit things into your schedule, but you’re finding ways. Keep up the good work.

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