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Friend Makin’ Monday…yep on Tuesday!


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The Holidays and More: Part 2

1.  What state/country do you live in?  New Jersey, good ole USA.  live about 10 minutes from the hospital where I was born.

2.  Where were you born?  Were you raised there? I was born in Somers Point, NJ which is right over the bridge from the island, Ocean City, where I grew up. I lived in OC until I graduated and then I traveled between OC and Florida. Now, I live 2 streets over from my grandparents’ house (where my mom was raised) and a few towns over from OC.

3.  How do you feel about stores like Wal-mart opening on Thanksgiving Day for pre-Black Friday sales?  Will you participate? Black Friday is seriously pissing me off this year. Opening on Thanksgiving?!? That is just NUTZ. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day to spend with your family….and so is Christmas…but all this greed is totally overwhelming. I am stressed about it.

4.  Have you ever participated in a Turkey Trot? No, I have not. I have never been a fast runner and nowadays I am struggling to get my fitness groove going. I am trying to rediscover my passion…and for me that starts with walking. I love to walk…at least, I used to love it. I am going to participate in a virtual Turkey Trot. I walk a 5K as a way to help support my friend, Roni and her mom’s challenge of raising money for a service dog. you see, Roni’s mom is awesome and is raising her special needs granddaughter but the girl needs a service dog. Wanna help??

5.  What was your favorite toy as a child?  I always had to share toys with my sister. Books were my best friend!! With my crazy family, books helped me escape the chaos. To this day, I prefer books to most gadgets.

6.  Will you count points/calories on Thanksgiving Day? Nope. I stopped all that nonsense (its nonsense to me, I understand other people don’t think the way I do) a while ago. I don’t want to teach my daughter to stress calories in a holiday meal.

7.  Will you watch football Thursday? LOTS of football!!! We will start the day off with a local high school football game. My daughter is in the marching band and her high school football team is playing my high school (well, I teach at the alternative school but same district). Then there is NFL….I am a Cowboys fan so we will watch that game during dinner

8.  Do you decorate inside/outside of your home for the holidays? I have a small house with a small yard and a large lab….so no outside decorations. I decorate the inside but I keep it small. I may or may not have a huge, bright red fake Christmas tree.

9.  Do you have allergies that prevent you from eating traditional holiday meals? Not a single allergy that I know of. I have some tummy issues I have been dealing with for the past year but I have decided to put all the stress (of figuring out what is wrong) on the backburner until after the holidays.

10.  Is it snowing where you live?   No. Thank goodness there is no snow! We get the occasional snow storm but more often we get hit with nor’easters. AND the weatherman is calling for a nor’easter to hit my area tonight. so….we shall see.


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