The lessons in a cold


I’m scared to even think I might be on the road to recovery. I have been sick forever. Alright, not literally forever but its been mostly since Thanksgiving.
The night before Thanksgiving I was a tad sneezy but I completely blew that off and rocked the night away at an Elton John concert. The holiday weekend was a blur of activity, including the hugely important event of the Q-ster’s first day of work. At some point during this weekend I remember feeling rundown. I knew a cold was coming on but I was being stubborn. I was not getting sick.
Sniffles to a full blown cold to upper respiratory infection to a hivey breakout to head cold to upper respiratory infection.
That was the basic rundown of my sickness since Thanksgiving. I had to stop and write it out to believe myself how long I’ve been sick. This post is not to complain and whine about being sick. Well, not really. I was in a bit of denial about how long I’d been sick or just how sick. It seems to be easier to see it now that I am starting to come out of it.
Being sick sucks!!
But I learned a few things….

I ❤ naps!
I was stubborn and I didn’t rest enough when I first noticed I was rundown. But I’ve learned my lesson on rest. I’ve been wearing my Loop, which monitors my sleep along with tracking my steps, calories and activity. I plug my Loop bracelet into my computer and it uploads my info into an online program. Today I went peeking at my sleep numbers.
I’ve been in the 1-4 hour range almost every day in the last 4 weeks. NOT even close to enough sleep to heal a sick body. Since I’ve been sick, I really like knowing how much or little sleep I am actually getting each night. I never thought about the amount of sleep I actually get. I only focused on getting to bed by 11 on school nights so when the alarm rings at 6:15 I can bounce out of bed. Or so the theory goes. HA!
I missed a few day of school but went back on Wednesday. On Wednesday I walked into my house after school and made a beeline to my bed. I napped for over and hour and a half. I love naps!! I will continue to nap and catch up on all the missed sleep.
There is only one goal!!!
On new year’s eve eve I broke out in hives. This was the second time in two months I was all broken out and itchy on my neck. The last time I got so fed up, I chopped off 16 inches of hair. It was drastic but itching was only part of the reason my hair went and that’s another story and probably not very blog worthy. Anyway, I broke out in hives and went to see my doctor. Talking with him made me realize I had been itchy for longer than I could remember and at times and in places it had been really bad. Doc is convinced its a food allergy. I am now 9 days into a doctor ordered 30-day elimination of tomatoes, berries, peanuts, and shellfish. Doc also prescribed an antihistamine, an acid reducer, and a steroid. Fun.
The day after I started all the meds, I woke up with a head full of snot. Sorry for the image but that’s what it felt like. I suffered for a few days before I got more meds from doc. And I stayed home from school for two days. When I went back, I napped after school.
After six-ish weeks of sickness my lungs are trashed. My already out of shape body feels even weaker and more out of shape.
My one and only goal….to heal my body.
Healing my body will be a slow process. Six weeks of chest and head colds have left my lungs pretty trashed. I still have a cough and a wheeze and walking up the stairs at school is enough to take my breath away. I have some allergy that makes me itchy all over with occasional breakouts in hives. I still have my stomach gremlin causing me pains and issues. I still have a knee and ankle that need attention, even two years after surgery.Those are three rather big “problems” that need to be addressed. I need to pay attention to my body, listen to it and do right by it. I will add in slow movement when and how I can. Yesterday was a very active day. According to my Loop, I hit 10k steps and my activity goal. I didn’t even “exercise” yesterday. I woke up and felt good so I started the day with a round of sun salutation and meditation. At school, I feel good enough to walk around during all my classes. Those little things added up and just before bed I was super close to hitting goal on my Loop. I marched around my house and did a few squats to get to goal.

The lessons I’ve learned being sick….
1. Rest is a wonderful splendor. Naps are not for children and I over much need them! Sleep will help the healing process.
2. Listening to my body. My body know exactly what it needs (slow movements, nutritious foods, kindness and love) and my only job, my only goal, is to give my body what it wants and needs.
3. I’m embracing #wycwyc and #rethinkyourday because those little movements and small changes add up to healthy habits.

I hope all my friends have fared better this winter than I have.


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