I miss raspberries!


Berry LOVE!

I love raspberries!!

But I am currently on a doctor ordered 30-day elimination of my beloved berries, and tomatoes, and shellfish, and peanuts/peanut butter.

I have been itchy for a long time. I blew off the itchies as one thing or another, dry skin from change of weather and what not. I did not realize how long I had been itchy until I started talking to the doctor. Its been months and months and months. Maybe more than a year.

The itching came to a head right before New Year’s Eve when I broke out in hives all on my neck and in my scalp. I went to the doctor and he took one look at me and said I was allergic to something. He asked a few questions and we weeded out an external allergy. I haven’t changed my laundry soap; I have been a loyal Tide user forever. Tide is the only brand I use since Q and AJ have sensitive skin and if I use anything but Tide they breakout! I haven’t changed my body soap or shampoo or conditioner or anything!! Doc said it was more than likely a food allergy.


I thought my doctor must be CRAZY! I had never had any food allergy. Actually, I have never had any allergy other than seasonal allergies and mold. I think those are the normal allergies.

Today is Day #14 of this elimination. It hasn’t been all that difficult but I do miss berries a lot!

I am doing my best not to Dr. Google food allergies and itching because I am sure I could freak, or gross, myself out. Or scare myself. Have you ever googled a medical condition?!? So totally not a good idea!

Day #14 and I am still itchy. I have been taking the meds ordered and doing the elimination but I am still itchy.

Normally, this lack of seeing any results would make me stop the elimination. Screw it, right?!? It’s not working so why continue?!?  I really want to know what is going on with me so I am staying the course. If after 30 days, I still am itchy, I will call the doc and see what the next course of action is for me. But, I am hoping to not be itchy still in another 16 days. If I am not itching, I get to add back one eliminated item at a time.

In the meantime I can just oogle picturesof raspberries!

I really do miss them!

Do you have food allergies? How old were you when it was discovered? How do you handle your food allergy?


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  1. I second the comment I think I saw on FB, that you might want to consider getting official allergy testing done. It would be easier than an elimination diet since it would rule out (or mark) everything at once.

  2. I would be so depressed if I couldn’t eat berries! I have to go see an allergist also as I know I have food issues as I call them. It is just a matter of doing it already!

    And I’ve read a lot about elimination diets. Allergies/inflammation can take a long time for some people for it to go away. More than a month at times. I hope it isn’t that long for you!! But be patient!

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