The secret sauce (aka my new plan)


Earlier this month, I reached out to a friend. You see, my friend Josie, aka YumYucky is absolutely amazing for so many reasons, including have stomachs, greedy children, and is an at-home workout killer. Those at-home workouts Josie kills is why I reached out. I knew I was still sick when I reached out but I also knew after being sick with coughing, sneezing, wheezing and everything in between for 6ish weeks would leave my lungs trashed. I also knew/know I’m completely out of shape. I can thank my lack of movement in the last year and the year of my surgery and recovery. I went to Josie and asked her how she started and if she’d help me come up with a plan.
I am one lucky lady. Josie agreed quickly and came back to me with a “beta” test for a “game” and a side dose of accountability. The game is basically an individual game of earning points. Think weight watchers points without the food or subtraction. I get to decide how I earn points and how many points I’m looking to collect. I can decide on weekly points or daily and I can set and change the criteria for earning points when I see fit.

This week (and last) I could earn the following points:

  • yoga = 1 point
  • walking = 1 point
  • Eats = 1 point {right now, my only food concern is eating according to my doctor – so no berries, no tomatoes, no shellfish, and no peanuts}
  • water, 64oz = 1 point
  • Bed by 11pm (school days) = 1 point

Bonus points:

  • GOAL on my Loop = 1 point
  • Posting a Selfie = 1 point
  • Listening to my body (taking aday off from walking or taking a nap because my body needs it more) = 1 point

What the heck do these points mean?!?!

Well, to be honest. Nothing. Unless you are me! I like earning points! It is motivational to me. Josie checks in with me every few days or I just randomly Facebook message her with my points from the day before. Its a silly little game but it is helping me stay focused on building healthy habits and making ME my best and happiest self.

I have decided to play my game like Rummy 500. I will rack up my points until I hit 5600. At 500 I will reward myself with something small. I am not good at rewarding myself. This is mainly because my budget it super tight. And with it being winter, my husband is not working at all.  (My budget issues/stress/guilt needs to be another post).

So for my first reward, I have decided when I get to 500 points earned I am going to treat myself to a pedicure.

I have been earning points for a little over a week and I LOVE it!! What do you think of my Josie’s game??


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  1. Love this so much! I do something similar with tracking my stuff in my Bullet Journal. It’s not points, but I do love me some checking off of lists. I may tally my check marks for each health related thing at the end of the month and see what that gets me.

  2. Okay, so I don’t think my other comment “took”, but I am soooo stoked to that his working out for you Jen. The secret sauce is all about sustainability and making things non-complicated. The points don’t cause pressure. They motivate and encourage! I’m big smiles over reading about your success so far. The Rummy 500 bonus is great idea, too. ((hugs!))

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