enjoying snow days


Another Wednesday Snow Day! School was canceled because of snow the past two Wednesdays.  In South Jersey, especially my neck of the woods beach, snow rarely effects us. We get cold and rainy weather but not so much of the snow. This year had been a bit different.  Now, the snow doesn’t usually last too long because it usually warms up and is gone in a day or two. Last week, was the first time I wanted to go and play in the snow. Unfortunately, we did not get a lot of snow.  Enough to make a mess and cancel school, but we got maybe two inches.  I decided to go for a walk outside. I needed vacuum bags and the vacuum store is not that far from my house.  I bundled up and headed out.

My walk lovely. COLD but bearable because of my layers. The snow makes everything look so pretty! My walk was just a tad over one mile round trip and even though it was cold and there was snow and ice to trudge through, I enjoyed myself. I need to walk for some of my local errands more often. I usually bundle my errands so I can leave work and make a few stops on my way home but after my snowy walk, I need to rethink how I run my errands.


I am in love with my Polar Loop! Having my Loop on my wrist is very motivational. I love seeing my activity bar fill up. I love racking up more and more steps. I get downright giddy when I hit GOAL!!

GOAL on a snow day (actually two snow days) is a HUGE VICTORY!!

How did I hit GOAL on my snow days??

Shoveling snow, cleaning snow off the vehicles, walking outside, walking inside with my Leslie Sansone videos and yoga.



Miss Lucy LOVES the snow!! Lucy can never find her tennis ball in the snow. She really is the worst retriever. She loses her tennis balls all the time and needs mom or dad to find them. When it is snowy we switch over to the football which Lucy plows through the snow.  I love the picture above because it shows her ears flapping. Lucy is the cutest ans sweetest dog and I think this picture captures her spirit!’

After outside snow play, outside snow walking, and  inside walking, it was time to relax!! I always have a blanket on my chair. Yesterday, I curled up with my blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. I am currently about 1/3 of the way through Dance with Dragons (the latest Game of Thrones book) and snow days provide the perfect opportunity to delve into fantasy worlds!!

I had company while I read this week!

Do you enjoy snow days? Or have you been living with too much snow and you’re ready for Spring?


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